Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

False Alarm Day

After breakfast I set out to go to the supermarket, but only got as far as my post box when my tummy said get the mail and go home. Got home, false alarm.  In the mail was a note from the county assessor saying check the box that says you are the owner/resident of your house, and we'll cap your rate at 3%. So I did, put it in the provided envelope, put a stamp on it.

Back to the supermarket, did not find a mailbox. Once again my tummy said go home. Albertson's restrooms are keypad locked, and it takes less time to drive home than to find someone with the combination.

Home, this time the new toilet earned its keep.

Checked the Great Clips app and it said the nearest one 3.3 miles away had zero wait time, so I punched that into the car's GPS and discovered it was more like 10 miles away and when I checked in on the app the wait was an hour. No thanks.

Back toward home, dropped the envelope at the Po's outside box, stopped at Albertson's and got some essentials. Milk, an 8-pack of little German Chocolate cakes, a container of shortbread cookies with chocolate on top. Ice cream. They were out of Klondike bars except for toffee, which are useless if I don't have my teeth in, which I usually don't when I need to self-medicate for low blood sugar. A couple of small frozen meals to replace ones I ate, and bananas. Mostly green FTW. They were out of Ding Dongs.

Home, put stuff away. Transferred shirts from the dryer to the bed. Spook did not help, for a change.

Delivered: three 3-packs of USB drives. An artsy phone cover of three UFOs beaming up one person each in a rainbow light. And a Roomba which I will set up tomorrow.

Email from doctor's billing agency with a very long form for me to fill out (again) and sign. I did this at the doctor's office but they lost the signed one. Also a message from my doctor asking q's about my diabetes supplies which he already had the answers to.

Spun my wheels all afternoon trying to get Excel to create a batch file from a dir list so I could rename the scanned photos. They took the import text to xls function away. And the csv import/export. And they changed the default to save to One Drive, which I detest. I don't want my stuff parked at MSFT.

And then a light went on, Photoshop macros can save a file with any name you want, and add sequential numbering. So while I was watching 90 Day spinoffs and TMZ,  I processed all the files in 8 folders. 1,527 of them. All the macro did was rename them and put them in a different folder.

Then I copied the folders to 8 USB drives. Three for sisters, one for UK cousins, three for US cousins. One for whomever I forgot. I need to write a README and email it to the usual suspects. I expect to get a lot of rude comments.

There are about 100 more photos which were not in the box which I have on a rack in the guest room, but most of them are in frames and not easy to scan. Not to mention a dozen  or so scrapbooks.

Streamed for an hour. One troll. Two regulars. One newbie checked in with 30 seconds left.

Spook yelled at me to play, which I did. When she got bored I went into Heidi's room, she was out and about. Kind of lukewarm about being petted, not happy being picked up. I topped off her food and water, she partook of both and used the litterbox. She spent all day under the recliner but after dark she's comfortable with being out. Spook is not as interested as I thought she would be.

Like Spook, she drinks from the back of the water fountain.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put the USB drives in padded envelopes and mail them
I may give the back of my head a haircut tonight
Set up the Roomba
Find a different PCP provider. Not just a doctor but a different organization.

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