Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Roomba for improvement, Heidi update, Day of washing things

The sheets & pillowcases needed de-sweating, so they were laundered and put back on the bed. Spook's bed-making radar failed. So did her putting shirts away radar last night, though she made a thorough tour of the closet instead.

Ran the dishwasher because I was out of knives and forks. Plenty of spoons because I've been eating watermelon and ice cream sandwiches instead of ice cream scoops.

Tuna casserole for lunch, snacked all day so no dinner, except for salad.

90 Day Fiance and 90 DayThe Other Way.  My goodness American women in foreign countries are annoying. TMZ from yesterday (one more on Tivo to watch) PTI has Mike back in the studio but Tony is too paranoid to leave his attic.

My troll has a new trick, calling me on Skype pretending to be Russian mail order brides. The falsetto gave it away.

Mailmerge is my friend, I printed labels and have the USB drives in labeled padded envelopes ready for the post office. Almost. Need postage.

Delivered was the new Tevas, I haven't opened the box yet. Also received two sets of Epson printer ink. Strill waiting for Canon.

Around 7:30 Heidi was up on her tree so I went in and she came down to be petted. She purrs loudly. She likes to lie down on the floor and rub her head against her toys and purr. Weird.

She still likes to hide, but I just checked the webcam and she is back on the tree. Cox won't let me port forward, so I can only see the cam from home and cannot share it.

Storm chasers have all gone home, they blew it - the hurricane made landfall in NC and they stayed in SC waiting. As I said, their radar map reading skills are lacking. 

Spent some time online looking for a better clinic, thought I found one but it looks like it is a chain of hospitals. Medicare.gov is worthless. Also spent a lot of time online and on the phone trying to order an insulin refill. The pharmacist at Omaha Rx said he would handle it, but so far it's still listed as processing. I miss the simplicity of Kaiser HMO.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO, wait in line a long time and mail the USB drives
Get the passenger side rear tire checked
Check the mail. Should be something from the adoption agency.
More Heidi time
More Roomba work - it is not cleaning very well. It may need a different kind of brushes.
More PCP research

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