Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Incompetent doctors, Roomba FAIL, Heidi update, PO trip

After breakfast it was off to the PO - the padded envelopes cost more than expected. $4.20 for USA and $14+ for Israel & UK and those had to have customs forms filled out. So in line for 5 minutes, then filled out the forms and back to the same clerk after she was done with the next person. By now the line is out the door.

Nearest Discount Tire, they didn't have any appointments but 15 minutes in line they filed the one tire.

Home, the tire seems to be holding up, but will drive some tomorrow and keep an eye on it. Saturday appointment at a Discount Tire closer to home just in case.

Heidi hid most of the day, I did visit with her, topped off the food dish. She likes to be petted on her back & tail. She purrs. Toys are to lie on the floor next to and rub her face against, purring. I put fresh batteries in the laser toy and set it running, but she ignored it. Very strange.

I did see her use the litterbox while I watched on the webcam. She stayed in there a long time, maybe grooming herself. And she was on the cat tree once.

Spook was outside the door when I came out, but by then Heidi was hiding again. I ordered a food tower for her. A small one.

Not much else the rest of the day. Snacks for lunch, salad followed by rice topped with sardines, chocolate ice cream for dinner.

Watched a new Catfish episode, very fine detective work.

Twitter had a lot of Below Deck Med talk. Capt. Sandy is not very popular right now. The next episode will be interesting.

No PTI. I watched some of the Mariners game, playing the Angels, very weird because the announcers for the Las Vegas channel are LA based. They pointed out that in his career Mike Trout hit 44 homers off the Mariners. Wow. Seattle played a weak 4th and 5th inning which is where I bailed (4-1)

There is a pile of Hawaiian shirts on the bed and the ironing board and iron are out, but I'll mess with that tomorrow

Idiot PCP sent the new prescriptions to Walmart after I had changed to Express Scripts
Express scripts is holding up my insulin because idiot doctor needs to respond to their idiot drug interaction request. Insulin is not a drug!

I programmed the Roomba to clean an area in front of the recliner. Three times. It looks the same. The new rubber brushes FAIL.

Ordered a Samsung robo vac.

Also tomorrow:
Call iRobot, for an RMA
Call a possible PCP at a clinic in Henderson
Call the skin cancer doctor's office to tell them to bill Cigna, not me.
Call express scripts AGAIN about the insulin
Take the car out for a drive, monitor the tire pressure.

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