Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Got stuff done

Called iRobot and got an RMA for the Roomba. packed it up, printed a prepaid UPS label and dropped it off at UPS. Only had to wait 10 minutes this time because only two people at the counter ahead of me - one was trying to ship a partly disassembled bicycle and the other had two boxes the clerk had to make labels for.

Over to Albertson's, bought two kinds of generic Breathe Right strips.

Home, the leaky tire is still a little leaky.

Called a doctor search service, found a new doctor, made an appointment online for Tuesday. Doctor's office's appointment people called, they don't use the online one anymore, the next available appointment is sometime in October. Was transferred to a machine which asked me to leave my info. They have not called back. They have till October so who cares.

Meanwhile, Express Scripts, the drug delivery service which I supposedly switched my prescriptions to, says they are still waiting for my doctor to give them drug interaction info - for INSULIN. Jerks. There was still insulin on file at Walmart for I ordered some. Due for pickup just before I run out. And idiot doctor sent my diabetes supply prescriptions there too.

Ironed a lot of Hawaiian shirts.

Visited with Heidi. She is pretty boring. Looking at the webcam now, she is on the tree, sitting up, grooming herself. She likes to come and be petted but not for long. Looking at her tummy, it was not long ago she had surgery. More area was shave than I think spaying would account for.

I would put up another webcam outside the door, but there's no power outlet in the hallway.

My right pinky finger is hurt & a little swollen. I bent it getting up off the floor while packing up the Roomba. Sprained. I used to sprain my pinkies all the time in little league so they are permanently bent.

Streamed for an hour, talked to myself for most of it. Not much streaming action today, just Portland protests where the cops are declaring illegal assemblies arbitrarily. The ACLU needs to get involved. Constitutionally there are no illegal assemblies.

Watched Penn & Teller.

Sent out for pizza for dinner. Grubhub blew it massively. I ordered two pizzas, garlic cheese fries and garlic bread. I got one pizza, a philly cheese steak sandwich, regular fries and some cheese laden pasta dish. Grub Hub refunded about 1/3 of the charges.

The pizza was horrible. Roma Pizza on E Tropicana. Most of the mistake was theirs.

Plans for tomorrow:
Discount Tire to have the tire repaired.
Drive around enough to know it is fixed
Mostly stay home and play with the cats
Try on the new Tevas.
Watch trashy TV

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