Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

2020, in hindsight, is all about waiting

So this morning the only thing on the agenda was to go to Discount Tires at 12:45 and have them fix the leak in the rear passenger-side tire.

Got there at 12:30, waited in the car 10 minutes for someone to come out and suggest I wait inside & give them the keys.

Still waiting at 1:45, my car finally got into the shop just about that time. Done in 10 minutes or less. They found a nail, repaired the tire, and sent me on my way, no charge. Similar to what American Tire does in the SF Bay Area. Only slower. While I was waiting, I pre-ordered a Pixel 4a phone. Blame susandennis for pointing out it has a fingerprint sensor. Masks get in the way of facial recognition.

I had a letter to mail and had passed my local PO on the way there, so tried to drive back the way I had come but somehow found myself going the opposite direction. U turn at a turn signal, and passed by the mesa viewpoint I have been looking for for months. Did not stop there, I didn't have the Nikon with me.Eventually found the PO, turns out the name of the road changes a mile or so past the PO. Mountain Vista becomes W. Sunset. Then it forks into E. Sunset and something else.

Home, the tire actually showed more pressure than when I left the shop, because the temps went up about 15 degrees. And friction.

Made some Stouffer's turkey tetrazini for a late lunch. German chocolate cake square with mint chip ice cream. Nothing on Tivo, watched some trashy TV.  Tried to watch CSPAN but the at-home reporters need to invest in higher bit rate service. Can't understand what they are saying when it's breaking up.

Checked in on Heidi a few times. Gave her some wet food, which she gobbled right up. She also is now associating the lights coming on with me arriving, and she runs to me wherever she is, gets petted, then flops on the floor and ignores me. Which is my cue to leave. But now when I put my hand on the door handle, she is right there wanting out. It's been a week as of tomorrow, but I think that's too soon. Turns out her medical info had be sent by mail, not snailmail as advertised. HomeAgain sent a renewal notice for Spook, but online it showed she is on autopay. Added Heidi.

Spook meanwhile is not trying to meet her. She </asks>has been beating up mirror cat.

Sent out for Pizza Hut pizza. Better than Roma, but only ate 2 pieces and a few mini cinnabuns. The free chicken tenders will live in the fridge a while.

Streamed for an hour, but none of my regulars showed up. One guy posted something horribly obscene in Thai and got banned. It was a whole paragraph, might have been a translation from English.

The lamb is out and needs to be marinated.

Marinated my sprained pinky in ice water, it helped. Still swollen and painful, but less so.

Delivered was a jar of cat treats and two pairs of cutoffs.
Ordered popcorn and paper plates.

Plans for tomorrow:
Break down a lot of boxes. Monday is bulk pickup day, will put them out on the curb tomorrow night
Grab the Nikon and a spare battery. Drive to the mesa viewpoint and take pix
Try on the new Tevas
Play with both cats individually
Take out the garbage & recycleds

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