Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Mesa Photos Finally

After breakfast and a visit with Heidi (the obligatory under the door spat with Spook was at 3 am this time) I grabbed the camera, put in a charged battery and put a spare in my pocket and went to the elusive Whitney Mesa Trail South Entrance. GPS took me all around Henderson and then up Sunset to be on the right side of the divided road. I was the only car in the lot, and only one other person came by. It's still the base of the mesa, but closer. 105° so I didn't take the trail to the top.

Photos are here

The trip home was easier, just continue on Sunset, it becomes Mountain Vista and after the PO turn right on Tropicana.

Processed the photos, cookies and ice cream for lunch, time on FB. No storm chasers on twitch. Portland police need to get a life, they declare everything a riot or an illegal assembly. The mayor and ACLU need to stop that crap. Strip the police of their riot gear.

Nothing on Tivo to watch except reruns.

Spook freaked out Heidi - who somehow found a way to the top of the bookcases.

She came right down when I went into the room. Even with Spook outside growling, Heidi tried to pry the door open. I don't think so. Not yet. Did I mention yet that she isn't under the recliner anymore, she stays in the tree's little hutch. She curls up so small the webcam can't see her.

The food tower is due tomorrow, I will put it away from the door. Water fountain needs to move too.

In other news my pinky is getting less swollen.

Found a body shop near me on Yelp with 99 5-star ratings. Will give them a call and see about an estimate on the non-accident repairs.

VegasDogLife streamed their walk up and down the strip. I was tempted to go meet them, but didn't think they wanted company. We'll have to get together some day soon.

Broke down all the boxes, made a bundle, and carried them out to the curb. Also put out the extra lawn lights, the roborock vacuum and a couple of keyboards and mice. And the ugly welcome basket. And wheeled the regular bins to the curb.

The brick has been replaced with a real trivet.

The marinated lamb tasted off. I don't know if it was the sherry, or if the meat was spoiled. It did smell off when I put it in the marinade.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get that car estimate (or at least an appointment)
Philly cheese steak sandwich for lunch
Boneless wings for dinner?

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