Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Auto body estimate, Heidi redecorating

3 am or so again, Spook was fighting under the door. Checking the webcam, Heidi was a foot away, staring at the door, but eventually got up and flopped in the center of the room.

After breakfast I drove to Wright Bet auto body (99 5-star reviews on Yelp) quickly got an estimate for the pre-accident damage $1200. It will take 3 days. Totally do-able. I'll try to book it for next Monday.

Delivered was an elusive Grey Canon inkjet ink cartridge. The one in the printer was totally out. I don't know why they have one, there are 2 black cartridges.

Wore the new Tevas to the body shop. They fit fine & have better support than the old ones.

There were 6 storm chasers out today but none of them found the serious stuff. Cat and Wayne streamed a tour of UNLV campus.

Took my tablet into the guest room, sat in the recliner and read from the Kindle app. Heidi came up to me to be petted, then curled up in the corner out of reach and licked herself till I left. She is not turning out to be the lap cat I was hoping for.

Also delivered was a cat food tower, 2-lb capacity. I moved her water away from the door, between the two book cases, and the food tower went there too. The theory is that Spook was waiting for Heidi to be by her food and water. Get her away from there and no more fights. We'll see tonight.

Lunch was the Roma Pizzeria Philly cheese steak sandwiches, which were very good except for the soggy roll. It was supposed to have been a pizza with Philly cheese steak toppings. I tried to eat the Pizza Hut garlic chicken nuggets for dinner, but they were greasy and way too salty.

Watched TMZ, PTI and 90 Day Backtalk.

Spook has been digging toys out of her basket, which is good.

BASFA zoom meeting went well, one guy reviewed about 10 items, which I suppose were of interest to someone. Afterward I streamed for half an hour.

Plans for tomorrow:
Quick grocery trip, I think.
Maybe 99 Ranch for Thai Tea & Asian fruit.
Watch Below Deck Med
Spend more time with Heidi

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