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Repair appointment, Shopping x 2, Many deliveries, New Robovac setup, Spook vs Heidi round 1

First thing after breakfast I called to make an appointment for Monday to have the rest of the body work done. Wright Bet auto body. They really wanted me to bring it in earlier, but having been bit by the earlier time estimate I wanted them to have all week. They are closed on weekends. The plan is to get a rental for the duration. I also wanted to use it for shopping since I have that neat grocery bag divider, which will go into the shed before I drop off the car.

Delivered was the Samsung robo vac. I parked it in the front room.

First groc stop 99Ranch, which had zero tropical fruit, the bananas were many days old, and they did not have my favorite brand of Thai tea but they had something in a weirdly colored can which looked like it might work. (it did)

Also grabbed some won tons and shrimp sui mai. And shrimp chips. And cup o noodles.

Next stop Albertson's. Bananas, grapes, greens, milk, HB eggs, ding dongs were in stock, as were Klondike bars.

Home, all the mail was junk. USPS said there would be a package but there wasn't.

Delivered was a pair of batteries for the Nikon and a USB charger which I don't need. In another box was two 50-packs of paper plates and 6 6-packs of Orville Redenbacher buttered microwave popcorn. The popcorn box weighed a ton. I think I am fixed for popcorn for the year. Not sure where I will store it.

Walmart sent a text that some of my prescriptions were ready but online it says no. Express Scripts says they are delivering one item, DHL but it's going USPS - so much for their claim to deliver to my door.

Reheated pizza for lunch. watched 90 Day The Other Way. Jordanian terrorist is now insisting that Catholic Florida babe convert to Islam or he won't marry her. In his side interviews he gets all dressed up in the Jordanian nationalist kafiya, and he also has that on the head rest in his car. The guy is seriously right wing. Florida Babe has no clue about this. "Cheese stick" confessed his sins to his girl's dad, and he knows in his head that he needs to pack his bags and go back to Amurka, but his heart says his girl will choose him over her family. She won't. Meanwhile, Jihoon came up with a month's rent for a nice apartment, and his parents and her mom have agreed to back off and let the happy couple be adults, but Jihoon is not capable of that. 

PTI was interrupted 1/4 of the way through with "breaking news" which had just been covered in PTI. ESPN clueless once again.

Below Deck Med signs up the Bosun's boyfriend Tom, who is a Michelin star chef. He starts by putting the galley in order - one of Kiko's main problems had been turning the galley into a treasure hunt. The staff loved Kiko because he was high energy, but I couldn't stand him because he was even higher maintenance. The highlight of the episode was the ending - thanks to a bunk swap to allow bosun and Tom to share a cabin, bosun finds chief stew's stash of Valium. Which she is required to report to Capt. Sandy. So next week will start with Hannah being called on the carpet for bringing drugs on board. In the following Andy Cohen chat with Bosun and 2nd stew, it turns out that the captain can make a judgment call on that. Especially if Hannah has a prescription. Which she probably does.

For dinner I defrosted the second lamb chop and pan heated it smothered in A1 sauce. That worked. Next lamb chops will be marinated in the fridge. Looking online, the usual marinades are about what I used, minus the sherry, plus lemon. I forgot the lime.

And since Heidi was clear that she wanted out of the room, I left the door open and waited for the screeching. It took a while. She came out and saw Spook in the front room, and went back inside. Spook eventually parked in front of the open door, Heidi hissed at her, Spook charged and Heidi ran. Spook went back to the front room, Heidi hid in the corner for a couple of hours. I turned off the lights and closed the door and she eventually went back onto her tree.

Earlier I noticed her water fountain wasn't flowing, so I took it into the kitchen. The pump was all clogged up. Cleaned it and it's all good now.

Streamed for an hour, several active chatters came in after half an hour.

Set up the Samsung robo vac. The original app did not work, but Samsung Smart Things did. The new interface is pretty cute. Lots of animation. The vac comes completely dead, it will take overnight to charge it.

Put breathe-right strips on amazon subscription.

Plans for tomorrow: 
Leave Heidi's door open. I think Spook has established Alpha Cat cred.
Set the robo vac to cleaning the rug

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