Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

All Day At Home. Samsung vac is okay but not as automated as advertised. Heidi bit me.

Heidi spent all day curled up behind the recliner. I finally shut the door and turned off the lights. A few hours later she got back on her tree perch. So after streaming and dinner I went into her room and petted her. She got very excited and bit me. I was warned that she does this. I left and turned out the lights and closed the door. It was bedtime for her anyway.
Spook was nowhere near- she was mostly crammed into the too-small cat bed in the front room, or on her tree.

Not much to do, so I updated the laptop and charged it. And updated the PC too.

Made popcorn, made a mess. Sent the robo vac and it did a good job on the popcorn and cat hairs. But the phone app is incomplete, I needed to use the remote to send it to spot clean, and to return to the dock.

Watched some streams, did my stream and had a couple of chatters. Dinner after was honey ham, brie and a pickle. The last piece of German chocolate cake warmed up, with a scoop of ice cream.

Found an interesting singer on YouTube, X Factor. Simon loves her. I'm not so sure. She did improve a lot over two years. But try as she may, she's no Keala Settle.

Made a reservation with Enterprise for next Mon-Thurs

Nothing delivered.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Express Scripts - where's my insulin?
Call Walmart -where's my insulin?
Grab the camera and drive out to Cornerstone Park. There's a lake.  

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