Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Crossroads Park

Last night VegasDogLife was streaming after dark at Crossroads Park in Henderson. A quick look at the map showed it was an easy drive, so I gabbed my Nikon and went. Way too many Canada geese, but otherwise a very beautiful, well-planned modern park. You would think they knew about the plague rules when they designed it. Little single-family covered pavilions with a charcoal grill, permanent tables and benches. Two huge pavilions separated by about 50 feet, each set up to host a party of 50. Bike/walking paths around a man-made lake with bulrushes.

Not a lot of other wildlife, some ducks and pigeons and long-tailed blackbirds. Maybe a few swallows.

Big restroom building, drinking fountains worked, if you like hot water. Huge lawn, hence the geese.

Mature aloe plants with big bamboo-like poles and buds on them.

Trees with colorful blooms.

Photos here.

Home, tempted to make some stops but didn't. The good news is the drive was 15 miles round trip, and barely depleted the battery. It seems whatever the battery problem was before it is now fixed.

Prior to the trip I spent about an hour on the phone between Express Scripts and Walmart, getting no help from the former, and scoring a 3-month supply of insulin from the latter. Express Scripts is so fired.

Three visits to Heidi. She is now scared of the open door. And not too keen on me, she turns her back on me and attacks her food dish, keeps her back to me to groom herself. This is not the lap cat I had hoped for.

Watched PTI. Nothing else was on Tivo. Stumbled on a PBS show about Darwin, orchids and moths with long tongues.

RPCV Zoom meeting was all guys, so I didn't rejoin when the time expired.

Streamed for an hour, lots of chatters and one guy hosted my channel with 9 viewers.

For lunch I made a honey ham and cheese sandwich on rye and dinner was PNB&J on Oat Nut. Ice cream of one sort or another for dessert.

Delivered was a big pack of Breathe-Right® strips. The generic ones were too short, they are garbaged.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take the car as far down Boulder Hwy as it needs to get to 50% charge.
6:30 pm Walmart pharmacy. Lots of stuff to pick up.
8:30 stream
Charge the car overnight

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