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Mister Eclectic

Costco, Walmart, Heidi-Spook update

Last night I renewed my Costco membership, mostly for paper goods and lox. Looked everywhere for the binder which had all my old cards, driver's licenses, etc. and have come to the conclusion I accidentally threw it out in the last of the moving boxes. Today I went to the nearest Costco, got a new card.  The warehouse is bigger than the ones I went to in CA. Aisles are wider, produce section is more organized (maybe a side effect of the plague). Prices are not all that good, especially seafood where you have to buy too much of almost every item. Price per pound is okay, but total is too high. Got some batteries, a small lox sampler, passed up the big lox packages because you had to buy 2. Whole smoked Whitefish was like $25 and probably too salty. Lamb shanks are now in lemon sauce, no thanks, and two for way too much. You're mostly paying for the bone. Dungeness crab, lobster tails, scallops all okay price but you had to buy too much.

I did come away with a year's supply of TP, paper towels and napkins.

There was a 2-pack of Chinese BBQ pork ribs (had one for dinner - yum!) and pre-cooked bacon. And Kraft American Singles which was hidden on an end fridge, some off-brand was where Kraft should have been.

Next stop, Walmart. My insulin was in, but only one box of syringes and an off-brand of alcohol swabs.

In my PO box was a prescription from Express Scripts. They swore they delivered to the home. They lied. They are so fired.

But so is Walmart. I've changed my preferred pharmacy to the local CVS which has a drive-thru window and is a lot closer.

One storm chaser, eventually he got hailed on.

Attended a Zoom presentation by Peninsula Astronomical Society, my theater friend Dr. Ellie compared Lick Observatory (where she works) in 1918 with current plague conditions. 1918 was a non-event, the observatory was isolated and not affected. This year all kinds of things had to change. Two telescopes are off-line because they require people to be there. All events have been canceled. No visitors either. Most of the equipment is automated/remote controlled so science continues.

Had to bail after an hour to do my stream, but only one person showed up and he just lurked.

Spook has been behaving herself, sometimes hanging out by the open guest room door, letting Heidi hiss at her without responding. Heidi has been jumping on top of the book cases a lot. She seems to like the view of the door from above. But she also hides behind the recliner a lot. Right now she is parked behind the water fountain. That's new. Spook is in the livingroom at the top of her tree. Asleep.

I'm hoping Heidi comes around. I'll leave the door open. Hope Spook continues to behave herself. She usually make her move at 3-4 am.

The car battery is also behaving itself. Lots of driving this week, only used half the charge. It's on the charger now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Visit urgent care. My sprained pinky is still hurting, should make sure it's not broken. May need a cortisone shot.

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