Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Mountain Goat Cat

4 am, Heidi is meowing on my night table. Spook is on the floor by the bed looking at her but not making noise or being threatening. Heidi is hissing, and she moves to the bed in a spot over Spook and hisses some more.

This went on till 7, when I wasn't getting any sleep so I took Heidi back to her room. Spook went back to the livingroom.

I slept till 12:45, had breakfast for lunch and wasted my day online. Very little on TV or Tivo.

Nuked some precooked bacon. Had some ice cream sandwiches now and again.

Went to CVS pharmacy page and asked for all my meds to be xferred there. It's closer than Walmart and has a drive-thru window.

Unplugged the car.

Turned off the lights in Heidi's room and shut the door till she was settled. Spook was being anywhere cat, on the floor in front of the TV set.

I opened the door a crack but left the lights off. We may have a repeat 4 am performance, but I suspect Heidi will tone it down a bit.

Salad and some brie before streaming, some small lox bits after.

Grapes for dessert.

Been watching Oprah's channel, OWN. She caters to a very different culture.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe urgent care
Empty the car
Take out the trash
Run the dishwasher
Maybe do some laundry

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