Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another 4 am cat fight

Heidi was a lot less friendly this time, wouldn't join me on the bed, found corners in the bathroom to crawl into. Spook charged at her once, she hissed for an hour.

This afternoon I went into her room, read a couple of chapters from my tablet. She ignored me.  Tonight her door stays closed. I'll also hide mirror cat.

The pinky is better enough that I didn't go to urgent care or anywhere. Streamed for 2 hours.

Cleaned out the car, put things in the shed.

Ran the vacbot, it got lost in the hallway. Had to bring it into the livingroom for it to find the dock. Emptied a lot of cat hair.

Got undressed and took my meds, forgot about the garbage. I may take it out tomorrow, since they don't pick up till noon.

Nothing delivered.

Watched 90 Day Fiance,  all the relationships are a mess except that phony Larissa, whose lawyer got her charges reduced and her cases closed. But she could still be deported. Angie won't be marrying Michael, it looks like. Good for him. Karine is being bipolar, will probably go back to Brazil with her baby. Jess and Colt made up, but Debbie will find a way to sabotage that. It won't be hard, Jess is insane. Andrei is hiding something, the Bubbas need to hire a PI to find out what.

Local hockey team lost. One game away from a sweep. :-(

TMZ is a rerun on Sundays. Andy's guests were non-starters.

Storm chasers were misreading the weather maps again.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop the car off at the body shop, pick up a rental car.

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