Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Monday stuff happened

Up on time, Heidi's door was closed and the mirror was turned against the wall so no cat fighting.

Up with the alarm, scale says I have gained 5 lbs this month.

Dropped the car off at about 9, rental car is a Dodge Charger, which also has a too-low window frame but not as bad as the Sentra. I won't be using it much. Maybe one shopping trip, maybe urgent care.

Home, already over 100 F outside.  Took out the garbage and recycleds Trucks did not come by till after 2 pm. But everyone is still putting their bins out the night before.

Breakfast. Frozen meal for lunch. cold cuts & string cheese for dinner as I watched the DNC speeches. They trotted out way too many Republicans. As if Trump people will be watching.

Bernie gave a good speech which I suspect he did not really want to make. Mrs Obama was the keynote, which means she was given way too much time, and she went all whiny toward the end, and repeated herself a bit. I turned it off at 8 to join the BASFA Zoom meeting.

Streamed for 45 minutes after that. My one regular chatter was by himself.

Heidi was on top of the book cases again so I carried her into the front room where Spook was passively sitting on her perch. Heidi hissed and ran back into her room.

I found a typo in my port forwarding setup, fixed it, so now there's a Meowcam on my web page. You can see the cam but can't shift it. I usually have it pointed at her tree. If she's out of sight she's probably behind the recliner.

No deliveries.

Looked into cannabis online sales. They want cash and $75 minimum for deliveries. I want to try edibles again. Maybe. But not on those terms.

Spook has re-discovered the sheepskin rug.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably stay home
Urgent care if the pinky keeps bothering me
Bluetooth dongle and dust buster due to be delivered.

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