Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Low Hgl at 3:30 am. Self-medicated with Klondike bar, egg cream and an episode of Intervention. Mixed feelings about that show, they take forever to tell the addict's story and the relarives reading what they wrote is a bad idea because they generally don't know how to write coherently. The follow-ups are also kind of random, they don't stay with a set schedule, they skip around depending on the addict's progress.

Back to bed.

Up around 11. I checked in on Heidi around 7:30.

Watched Twitch streams, watched a 90 Day Fiance episode on Tivo. TMZ was pre-empted by DNC pundit crap. Hockey team lost. Series is now 3-1.

Watched the DNC on PBS. It's easier top watch on TV than YouTube but PBS does a lot of editing and has too many pundits telling me what I just saw.

DNC did not stick to their speaker schedule. It was good, though, that Bernie was formally nominated. Several states and territories gave him more delegates than they gave Joe. Yay!
Dr. Biden gave a good, positive, forward looking speech. Totally made Michelle Obama look like a troll.

Played with Heidi, she jumped up on my lap when I sat in the recliner, but she kept an eye out for Spook, who was outside the door.

To-do got done: removed the sun screens from the front bay windows, so now I can see out. Did it hoping to see a lightning storm, but all we got was wind gusts.

It did reveal that there was already an assessor's decal on one of the windows.

Dried the shirts and washed & dried the undies.

Streamed for an hour. Not much chat.

Delivered late - dust buster & BT dongle

Plans for tomorrow:
I should go to urgent care
More 90 Day, and Below Deck
Maybe more DNC

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