Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

This will be short because it's too hot in here.

Stayed home except to get the mail.

Had groceries delivered from Smith's. Should have gone shopping at Albertson's.

Heidi visited me in bed a couple of times last night, but didn't stay long. She managed once again to push buttons on the bed recliner remote.  I visited her a few times, discovered she loves to play with Spook's Darth Vader mouse.

They had a fight at about midnight. 20 seconds.

Spook is confused by the mirror facing the wall. No mirror cat.

Watched a streamer in Wales.

Watched a couple of short 90 Day teasers. And PTI.

FFed through the Vegas/Chicago hockey game. Blackhawks were ahead 2-0 then the Knights scored, and it got to be 3-3 then 3-4 Knights, then 3-5 but the officials ruled the last goal void due to goalie interfered with. Looked like BS to me.  


Hillary looks and sounds great.
Gabby plays French Horn. Looks and sounds better than most people who were shot in the head
Warren is still strident
Obama was kinda boring
Kamala's kids were more listenable than she was.

Kamala was the only VP nominee, which seemed undemocratic to me.

Found a dentist - lost part of a filling. They will call.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call body shop - is car done? Hope so.

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