Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another Chilly Day in The Desert

It got into the mid-80s this morning, and cloud cover from an almost-monsoon kept the afternoon temps to 105°.

I took advantage of the coolness to drive to the PO and mail a pair of empty co2 cannisters. I also looked for international priority mail boxes but the closest PO didn't have much of anything in the lobby. So I went to the main PO a few miles up the road, and all they had was plain priority mail boxes. I have a small stack of those already. Went online to order some and the fine print said the priority mail envelopes and boxes could be used internationally.

So I copied the photos onto the spare USB, put it into the box with some plastic balloon padding, taped it up and slapped the label on. And realized I forgot the mp3 files. Oh well. I can put them on my web page. Talked to my sister, and she is baffled why the envelope has not reached her. It should have ended up in her PO box.

In cat news, Spook is being a bully. I need to put Heidi in her room and close the door. Right now Spook is under my bed wagging her tail, Heidi is in the corner curled up and making noises. Spook is also making noises. we interrupt this journal entry for a flash news update: Cats don't like spray bottles, so I herded them out of the bedroom with a can of air freshener. Spook ran out into the hallway first, then Heidi ran into her room. I closed the door and we'll keep it that way tonight.

On the way back from the second PO I stopped in at the Albertson's there, it is bigger and wine does not have to be paid for separately in a drugs & booze section. There was only one brand of Rosé, in an oversized bottle (all the other Rosé was in boxes) and no Portuguese wines at all. Lots of Aussie stuff. Lots of Zinfandels which might actually be Rosé under a varietal name.But I bought the one bottle and am sipping a small glass of it now. It's not bad. Liberty Creek. 1.5 liters.

Delivered was a big air purifier. Honeywell. Big box in a bigger box, even though Amazon claims it comes in a box which displays its contents. Nope. USPS guy hauled it to the carport. He basically followed me home. He needed a dolly and should have used the front ramp. We're supposed to save their jobs?

A frozen meal for lunch, ice cream sandwich dessert.

Tried to stream from the Note 10 but my stand doesn't work on the sloping driveway. Or at all, really. Not sturdy enough. And the phone got hot quickly. Hmmm.

The only thing on Tivo was Intervention, and it was a mother/daughter pair. Mom bailed after a few weeks, daughter got sober then went home and relapsed. I may have to kill that one pass. These people do not know what they are doing.

Streamed for a few minutes but big sis called, so I delayed the stream half an hour and came back to it. One troll, three chatters.

Set up the purifier. Had to open it up and remove the plastic bags from the four filters and re-insert them. Told it to give me 8 hours of allergen filtering. I'll check the filters tomorrow.

90 Day is recording now. Below Deck will record tomorrow. That is one serious clusterfork.

Tomorrow is bulk garbage day. I spent 20 minutes flattening 2 weeks' worth of boxes, paper taped them in a bundle and wheeled them to the curb. Also wheeled the air purifier box and its bulky cardboard inserts.

One of my fire evacuee friends and his wife & kids were re-located for the 3rd time, this time in a hotel where we met. Used to host all the Bay Area sci-fi fan conventions.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO, mail the USB drive
CVS - see in person about my Rx Xfers
Maybe get a dentist appointment
Maybe get a nails appointment. I'm thinking pedicure too. Toe nails look like claws.

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