Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Briefly, because rose wine soda

Cat fight through the door, not so bad but I miss Heidi coming into my bedroom. Keeping her inside asgain tonight - door was oen all day, she came out once to check on me in the bathroom.

Low blood sugar at 7 am. back to bed soon. Up at 9?

Post office, long line moved quickly with 4 clerks. USB drive in a small priority mail box is o its way. Expensive ~$40

CVS clusterfork. Long wait for clerk, switched to the pickup line, clerk there sent me back to #1, who finally saw me after 5 minutes. She says the prescriptions are there, no idea why I cannot see them on my app.But she needs doctor approval. crap. I miss Kaiser.

Left without prescriptions, but with ginger beer & BV rose wine.

Home. Pixel 4a delivered, but I'm not opening it yet. Maybe tomorrow. Specs say that compared to the 4XL it's way underpowered.

Microwave I bought in July is making grinding noises. Something wrong with the turntable motor. Original packaging is in the shed. May or may not sent it back to Toshiba. Online, bought a larger LG. BestBuy will deliver this week.

Watched 90 Day Fiance, PTI and Below Deck Med. Lots of undercooked food. Lots of PDA. Capt. Sandy needs to stop with the laundry micromanaging and get a full stew staff on board.

BASFA Zoom meeting was fun.

Streamed late, several chatters. Tried the ginger beer. It is horrible. Sipped rose wine with dinner, added soda water later.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call for a Wednesday manicure. Maybe pedi too Maybe
Wait for fedex cheese cold pack

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