Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cheeses love you

The main thing today was to wait for a shipment from NYC of some hard to find cheeses, about $100 worth, Fedexed in a cold pack. Tracking said sometime before 8 pm. Despite having signed up for text updates, none ever came. I was pretty much stuck until it arrived.

Doorbell rang at about 10 am, it was an Amazon delivery. USB drives.

Watched some Twitch streams and some Weather Channel needless panic over a hurricane which fizzled and another which will probably do so on its way.

12:30-ish, doorbell, package was on my porch. Pretty warm, it was not brought in a refrigerated truck. But it had a thermal liner and some cold packs but their usefulness was mitigated by a ton of shredded cardboard filler material.

The good news is all the cheese was fine. Four half-pounds of the sheep milk cheese, well wrapped in squares, two half pound wedges of moo cheese and a half pound of the cheesemaker's special blend. The wrapping is solid, some kind of artificial wax paper.

Okay, so I have cheese but nothing to put it on.

Off to Albertson's for crackers, and also stock up on HB eggs, milk and ice cream. Drove far past my usual store ISO a larger one. Did not find one, so back to plan A.**

Bananas & grapes, then a box of freshly baked croissants. HB eggs, milk, Ding Dongs, marinated artichoke hearts, OJ, house brand fancy crackers, wheat thins, a sourdough baguette, butter pecan and chocolate ice cream (2-fer special) sugar free fudgesickles and Buddy chocolate cookie ice cream treats.

It took a while to repack everything at the car, 116° and a strong wind, one of my legs cramped a little.

Home, hydrated and sat for a bit, then put stuff away.

Sheep cheese melted into a croissant for lunch.

Tivo, some 90 Day, PTI. TMZ was pre-empted by the RNC.

Called Glee nails got an appointment for tomorrow 1 pm. Phone call was taken by a woman who spoke American. Threw me off a bit.

**looked in the window of the dentist, their reception room is closed, call for an appointment to be let inside. The same number they didn't answer previously.

Opened the Pixel 4a. It is tiny. The fingerprint sensor keeps saying it is dirty when it is not. Transferring apps across was not too hard but several needed to be logged into. The main draw is the fingerprint sensor, so if it's an issue the phone is going back.

Streamed for 90 minutes.

Dinner was more of last night's won tons in cream of chicken broth, but done more intelligently.

The robovac was not picking up anything so I flipped it upside down and found the brushes completely tangled in cat hair and maybe previous tenant hair. Spent quality time with scissors and now it works again. Good thing because I spilled some popcorn.

Heidi was under the bed, and later curled up beside the night stand. I had to shoo Spook away and carry Heidi to her room.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nails at 1
Eat more cheese
Maybe microwave will be delivered

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