Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

4a foray, nails, insane TWC storm coverage

Slept well, with Heidi's door closed. She yelled at me this morning to open the door, and after a quick tour of the bathroom parked herself under the bed. Spook set up shop in Heidi's room for a bit till I shooed her out. When Heidi comes out, Spook is usually cool.  She charged a couple of times, paws flailing, but Heidi stands her ground and flails back. But I think they are getting used to each other.

Breakfast was a banana and a stack of fancy crackers with sheep cheese. Yum. Dinner was a salad then croissant with sheep cheese & bacon. Butter pecan ice cream dessert.

After a night to think on it, I went online and got an RMA from Google, wiped the 4a, put the SIM back into the 4XL and boxed the 4a. The defective fingerprint sensor was major, but also the lack of wireless charging, and having to re-enter all my email info for my many howeird.com accounts was the decider. Plus the tiny size.

So after my morning things and watching fearmongering on TWC, I took the phone to the PO, then went for a manicure. Got there half an hour early but my car's air conditioner works well, hardly uses any battery. And I found a new local radio station I like.

Older manicurist, but she was nice and knew what she was doing. She fixed all the mistakes of the last two places. Only $27 - all the others charge $35. Next time I can add a pedicure for $5 off.

Watched PTI, the sports news was very political and so were they. TMZ was pre-empted by the RNC.

Took a nap around 3:30, Heidi was under the bed.

While I was napping UPS delivered the new microwave. Almost got it right - put it on the front porch but in a position where the screen door blocked it. It's big - 2 cu ft compared to the Toshiba's 1.2. Heavy too. Had to move the cart about 4". Much simpler controls.

TWC needs to stop mistreating their on-site employees. They had one woman standing out in the wind and rain for hours, being beaten up by 75mph winds. There is no excuse for that. They really can do just as effective a job from the motel room.

Plans for tomorrow:
Eat more cheese
Take it easy
Watch Texas storm chasers

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