Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Much Happened Day

Spook jumped on the bed at about 7 am, Heidi yowled from behind her door, her signal to let her out. Spook pulled a fast one and crawled under the bed, which left Heidi in the corner of the bedroom just standing there. She had been staying under the bed most of the last 2 days.

Spook just stayed there most of the day. Heidi would follow me into the bathroom most of the times I went in, and she did the shower cat pose.

Breakfast again was a banana with a side of sheep cheese on crackers. Only 3 half-pounds of sheep cheese left.

Very disappointed that despite the hurricane & tornado, no StormviewLive chasers were out there. TWC was, stupidly standing in the rain. Also stupidly ignoring the west, which is still on fire. TWC needs a western HQ. They don't even try to cover any place west of the Gulf.

Played a lot of computer games, and watched a lot of I Can See Your Voice/Thailand.  My Sonos speakers are playing a Thai station. Sonos has started offering their own stations, and the Thai Stars one has better music than the TuneIn ones. And fewer obnoxious station IDs. Heard a song I liked, my music detector app showed me the name and artist, and that got me to a clip on YouTube of her doing a lovely music video of another song, and then performing it with a contestant on I Can See Your Voice. The contestant was awful, and the result was hilarious.

But I love the original video. It is very romantic.


The name of the song is "Lose Heart" and the singer is Mai (New) Charoenpura. Very poetic lyrics. She keeps her broken hearts in a drawer, someone comes along and opens the drawer and unbreaks her heart. Or something like that.

The  I Can See Your Voice episode was 3 years after the video, and everyone in the studio knew all the words.

I made the last of the frozen lunches, the new microwave did well.

Took a nap around 6, Heidi joined me for a minute but she likes the ground better than the bed. Spook was still under the bed.

Streamed for an hour, it went quickly.

Found a dentist online, a whole series of clinics, two near me. Gentle Dental. Filled out their form, hope to get a call tomorrow.

Delivered was a box of Polident.

Cut my thumb slightly yesterday slicing the croissant. Need to put a bandaid on it.

Chatted with middle sister.

USB drive 2 is on its way out of the country.

My last pit stop I put Heidi in her room and turned out the lights, shut the door.

Dinner was steamed sui mai. I made way too much, probably will nuke it for lunch tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing much
Enjoy the cat fights.


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