Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another nothing day

I ignored the cats till about 8 am, let Heidi out, Spook snuck under the bed first, though.

They are mostly not fighting, but Spook is the queen of passive aggressive.

Banana plus cheese & crackers for breakfast.

Very slow day. No storm chasers but a streamer in DC hung out on BLM Plaza and was rained on.

Delivered: a 3-pack of litterbox refills. I will install two of them tomorrow.

Not much on Tivo. Lost Resort keeps getting more and more fru-fru. The head healer is such a phony. The patients are now huge gossipers. It interferes with their Healing Journey™. The sweat lodge was way too crowded, two of the men nearly passed out. Sexual healer tried to seduce the tall bushy drum healer but he refused to be led from his Journey Path™. Qnd he wonders why he is single.

Installed Outlook on the phone. Had to force stop Aquamail. I think I'm getting all my mail.

Air quality was good this morning. We've had lots of clouds but no precip.

No call from dentist. :-(

Dinner was the sui mai from yesterday.

Plans for tomorrow:

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