Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Much To Say

Slept in/watched cat fights and videos till noon.

Brunch was a banana and a lot of crackers & sheep cheese.
For dinner I sliced up some turkey franks, boiled them with pasta shells, and melted some fine triple cream brie on top.

Watched some 90 Day Fiance, TMZ and a singularly unsuccessful Fiance or Friends.

Heidi pooped in the shower again. :-(

Saw & heard Spook attack Heidi in the bathroom, but she beat him back and they spent the next 5 minutes in a standoff till I shooed Spook away.

Big event of the day was unpacking the litterbox cartridges. Amazon packed a plastic wrapped 3-pack into a big shippable box, and put that into a huge Amazon box. Massive waste of cardboard.

Replaced both litterboxes with new cartridges, and taped up the used ones and tossed them in the bin. The new ones should be good for 2 months.

Nobody chatted on my stream.

Plans for tomorrow:

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