Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Care: Not as urgent as it could have been

Insomnia or just  change in my sleep pattern? Up at 3 am, fired up the PC, read some news sites and looked for things to watch on YouTube. Bed around 4:30.

Let Heidi out around 7:30, she came into the bedroom then bathroom and did her mountain goat thing on the toilet. I had to rescue her before she fell in and I closed the lid. Spook was under the bed so I carried Heidi into the livingroom, but she bolted back to her room. At one point this evening Spook was in Heidi's room, six inches from her. In her face. She was under the piano, and didn't give in. I shooed Spook out.

Breakfast banana was joined by some sourdough baguette slices spread with triple cream brie. Finished the rest of the wedge. 

It wasn't too hot today, so I drove out to the clinic and did the urgent care thing. Despite being the only one in the waiting room it was a long wait. Nurse took vitals, not sure if I was seen by a doctor or NP. Someone with a slight Eastern European accent. He touched the finger in all the places, noting hurt. Making a fist hurt. Then to X-rays, tech took three. Back to doctor, he said there was no broken bone, X-rays maybe showed dislocation but he had to have them looked at by a specialist. He did not think it was bad enough to try to fix. Nurse gave me a brace which didn't fit. Doc said to exercise with a squeeze ball a few times a day.

Home, passenger rear tire is losing air again so made an appointment to have that looked at tomorrow.

Did a load of shirts.

Watched the Love Island 2-hour starter which I had missed. Lots of guys with great bodies and no personality. Lots of girls with botox lips and plastic boobs. One is Miss Congeniality, she will probably be passed between airhead men a lot. One new guy thinks he's God's Gift but not at 5'7", dude. There is a community makeup room with actual theater quality lighted mirrors. One of the better looking women has never seen one before and is amazed at how different her makeup looks. Duh. It's early, but none of the couples are clicking yet.

Storm chaser was camped out in sight of a major storm, but he stayed too far away and it fizzled.

Watched the Portland protests. The police need to back off. And throw away the shields and riot costumes.

Streamed. Three chatters.

Pizza reheated for dinner. Mint chip ice cream.

Garbage & recycleds wheeled to the curb

Plans for tomorrow:
Tire repair
90 Day

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