Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Monday catchup (backdated)

Back to the usual breakfast.
11 am Discount Tires appointment, not a long wait this time, Home in less than an hour. They found another leak.

Lots of stuff on Tivo: 90 Day Fiancé had three spinoffs, I enjoy the talkback one, and am surprised to see Andrei and Liz together and enjoying each other's company. And it's fun to see how much their critiques echo their time on the show. I continue to like Ed, and it is clear Rose would have made his life Hell. She is so mean-spirited. Avery keeps looking better and better, Ash gets more insane and phony by the minute. He's an Arab from Mauritius, but he identifies as Australian. He is playing the US Visa game in typical well-off Arab fashion, by visa hopping between commonwealth countries until he can score an American citizen.

Delivered was a set of squeeze balls. They seem to be different hardness, I found one which was comfortable exercising my poor bent finger.

Fedex said they delivered the co2 cartridges, but they didn't.

In cat news Spook hid under the bed most of the day, eventually stalked Heidi into her room. I went in to watch and Spook all out attacked Heidi, rolled her around like a doll. Heidi fought back but she's too small. I shooed Spook out of there and kept the door closed.

BASFA zoom meeting ran long, but that's good. Lots of news and science and science news. A lot of Black Panther angst and emo.

Garbage trucks were way late - 4 pm I think. Brought the bins in around 10 pm

Late dinner of sheep cheese, bacon on the side, and sourdough slices.

Streamed late
Plans for Tuesday:
Sleep in
Check on Heidi
Call CVS, get the app/online pharmacy issue fixed.

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