Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Can Haz drugs

The usual breakfast, at about noon. Hgl was 113.

Delivered was a finger oxygen sensor. I'm down a pint. ;-) No, 98 instead of 100.

Visited Heidi, she was on the floor under the piano. She got up limping badly. Looks like a shoulder injury, but she won't let me examine her paw. Made a vet appointment, first available is Friday morning. Either she got hurt fighting Spook or she made a bad landing playing mountain goat. Either way, she's staying in her room with the door closed. Topped off her water. She's been able to climb the cat tree, so there's hope.

Spook has been annoying. I opened the front door to check for packages and she parked in front of the screen door and refused to leave. Temps are only low 90's so not as bad as last week. I shooed her out of the way, and soon she yelled at me to play. She was very aggressive with the fishing pole toy. Played for twice as long as usual.

Called CVS HQ, they said the reason none of my drugs are on the app or web site is i haven't picked up a prescription in > a year. I've never picked up a prescription there, so that made no sense. The rep didn't get it that until I can see that there's a prescription to pick up, I am not inclined to go to the store. He just kept talking in circles and hung up on me when I tried to interrupt.

So I went to the store, there were 2 prescriptions, as soon as I bought them the app came alive. Then the pharmacist asked if I wanted a free flu shot. Yes. How about a not-free but cheap shingles shot? okay. Now my arm hurts like hell. Three Tylenol helped. On my way out I bought some chocolate truffles and peanut M&Ms (dark chocolate) because they were buy 1 get #2 half price.

Online Fedex chat rep had them call me about the non-delivery. They asked a lot of good questions. Bottom line is they will contact the driver & the local station and try to figure it out.

Not delivered was a set of finger braces. Because I didn't order them after all.

By my count today marked the first time in 72 days when temps did not reach 100°. The local paper says it happened after 45 days, but they were basing that on a prediction, which proved to be wrong (we reached 102 that day).

Tivo: Below Deck Med continues to be Below Deck Medical. Right off the bat a guest fell down drunk, smashed a glass and cut her hand on it. 3rd stew had heart palpitations coming out of the water after a swim. Maybe the water slide? But they finally have a full crew, and the latest 2nd stew is great. Chief stew is falling in love with one of the hunky deck crewmen. He's been politely hitting on her for days. 3rd stew is pissed because her lanky deck hand is responding to his ex asking for help.

The main guest is a legendary baseball player who chartered last year during the fake chef period. New chef is much much better. Women guests are fine till they get drunk.

Turned on Saratoga horse racing, but it was a poorly produced montage of other tracks. Nuked it. Watched 1/4 of Love Island. Will finish some other time. They kicked the biggest loser off the show, but also one guy who just didn't assert himself enough. The show is being done on the roof of a hotel in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.

Also unfinished is the basket of shirts which need to be hung up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe check out Winco. Looks like a 24-hour non-membership Costco
Albertson's for salad stuff, bananas unless Winco has them
Keep the cats separate. Check Heidi's paw

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