Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Arm hurt like a sonofagun, stuffed nose despite the breathe right strip. 3 am, off balance, feverish, stumbled to the kitchen. Hgl was 139 so not bad. Tried to watch TV. Iced lime soda helped.

Back to bed in an hour, couldn't concentrate on Love Island.  

Checked the meowcam a few times, Heidi was up on the tree and also down below th piano, so she is coping with the leg.

Up around 9, dayquil helped me cool down. But I felt whacked, It took two more tires to finish Love Island.

No bananas. Skipped breakfast. Okay, I had cookies & peanut  M&Ms

1 pm call from dentist, 4 pm appointment.

Watched Vegas Penguin streaming his truck drive.

3:15 dentist asked if I could come earlier, like right now. So I went. Got there by 3:30. MASSIVE paperwork, for a new patient. much in 6 pt type. Very annoying man telling all the secrets of the universe in Spanish to his wife, nonstop for an hour.  Finally I was called int the exam room. Admin guy asked all the things, he could have read the forms. Tech came in and took x-rays. It's now 4:45. Dentist saw the missing part of the filling, described what he was going to do, then left. After 5, he started in. Done in 15 minutes, then sent to the lobby. Another 10 minutes to do the finances. Very slow process. Wanted to go to Winco, but it was now 6, needed to get home.

Streamed for an hour -  three chatters.

Visited Heidi a couple of times. She's still hurting.

Watched some horse racing and TMZ - did not finish. 

Salad, then croissant with Murray's special blend cheese. It was okay. chocolate ice cream cookie.

Three more tylenols.

And here I am.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Caliber body shop- where is my front license plate? It's missing, so is the frame. Don't know why I didn't notice sooner.
1 pm medicare zoom seminar

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