Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Caliber call, Intermountain FAIL, Winco WIN/FAIL, Lots of vet paperwork

Slept well, no 4 am cat fight.
M&Ms for breakfast - out of bananas.
Called Caliber, talked to the GM, he confirmed that his photos show no front license plate on the car. He'll look into it.
Still no word from Fedex about the missing CO2 cartridges. And now I'm down to my last one.
InterMountain health care FAIL - no seminar, no email, no follow up. Seriously need a new PCP
Winco is a 7 mile drive, worth it sort of. They have everything. Nissan cup of noodles. Turkey Bologna. Huge and beautiful produce section. Three brands of spring greens. Not all my favorite ice cream treats.  Not all my favorite frozen lunches. Good selection of cold cuts. Did not check the bakery. Seafood section could be done away with. But they have all the canned things.

I could have stayed another hour and not seen everything, but glad I didn't because they were not kidding about bagging your own groceries. The setup is too awkward for more than a handful of items. I ended up just tossing everything into the cart and loading things into the bags in my car. Super awkward with the cart in front of me. Better to drag it behind me.

Home, totally pooped putting everything away.

Vet sent me 3 pages of forms to fill out. Scanned them as JPGs, used Photoshop text tool to fill them out. Had to rotate them a little because whoever scanned them doesn't know how.

Watched TMZ x 2, deleted the horse race and its schedule. FFed through the LVK 0-4 loss. That's three in a row, blowing a 3-1 lead in the series.

Shark Tank is back, with a very obnoxious new guy replacing Cuban.

RPCV Singles Zoom was a FAIL, only four guys showed up, no women. My stream went well after a half hour of silence.

TWC says Baltimore is under water.

Target, ordered a bath mat and ginger ale syrup

Car is on the charger, it was down to 25%

Each time I visited Heidi she tried to open the door. She can't reach the knob, though.

Plans for tomorrow:
Vet at 11 am. I think Heidi will go into her carrier without a lot of hassle.

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