Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Very tired. Long Day.

After breakfast once again I misjudged the timing. 10:20 went into Heidi's room expecting a long chase, but was able to pour her into the carrier in no time. Out to the car, oops, where are my glasses? Need them to read the vet's address. Back inside, glasses not where I usually put them so grabbed a pair from the night stand.

On my way by 10:30 bu puzzled because I thought Mountain Vista Animal Hospital was on Mountain Vista Rd by the Post office, but it's on Flamingo much closer. I'm there by 10:40. For an 11:20 appointment. Text the number on the sign, they will send someone out soon. Meanwhile Heidi's carrier is half in the sun, yellow microfiber cloth on top helps a little. Nice thing about the Leaf is the air conditioning runs with very little drain on the battery. 3% an hour, max.

Someone comes out with a clipboard of paperwork but I already filled it out at home and hand it to her, along with spay & shots records.

20 minutes, another tech comes to get Heidi and bring her inside. I have to stay in the car. Vet will call when she's done the exam.

15 minutes, vet calls, Heidi has a big scratch on the bottom of her paw. Just needed to trim, clean, apply medication. Gave her an antibiotic shot and I will need to feed her a small dose of med liquid once a day. A third tech brings her to the car, collects my credit card. 2 minutes returns the card and an invoice. Buh-bye.

$240. About the same as my dental filing the other day.

Heidi is quiet on the way home.

In the room, open the cage, there are my glasses. Fell in when I poured her in there. Broken. Missing piece is probably at the vet's.

Heidi was mad at me, curled up in the corner at first. Eventually she came back around. She wanted out so I opened the door. She came out into the hall looking for Spook.

I was watching TV when the fight started. Spook was in Heidi's room, growling and charging at her. Heidi was hissing and defending herself. But Spook was meaning business so I pushed her out of there and closed the door.

New motion sensor was much more sensitive, every time Heidi went near the door it turned on the lights. Laid it face down for now, need to re-position it so only I trigger it.

Watched Lost Resort. The facilitator does not know what she is doing. In one stupid move she sabotaged three people's "journeys". And then the vomiting ritual. WTF?  I'd read about it on Twitter so I FFed past it. But really. Not just disgusting but counter-productive.

Love Island coupling ceremony was completely predictable, aka mostly wrong. The simulated car wash event was very sexy.  I now know when to mute the annoying narrator. Way too much.

Beef pot pie for lunch. Dinner was three slices of Murray's cheese and two slices of pastrami on Jewish Rye. It could have used mustard. Dessert was whipped cream, sliced strawberries and  a scoop of butter pecan ice cream.

McGuyver continues to be way over-written. They introduce his estranged father, then he blows himself up. Thanks, central casting. And the head of the bad guys is his aunt. Your typical totally hot blonde physicist.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take it easy. Maybe stay in bed or on the recliner after breakfast.
Pants optional

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