Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sleepy day

The double dose of Furosimide kept me hopping to the loo all evening and night. Lost 7 lbs of water weight. Breathing much better now.

Up at 3 to watch TV and cool off.

There was some under the door cat fighting.

As planned stayed in bed till about noon. Banana & egg for breakfast. Sheets needed laundering so I did that.

Wearing t-shirt and undies & Slippers. No pants.

Visited Heidi with the door open, she ate and drank and peed and groomed herself. I camped out in the recliner in her room and at one point she jumped up onto my tummy then off again.

Squirted her meds in the general direction of her mouth, she licked it off and washed it down at the water fountain. WIN!

Spook came into the room, much growling and hissing ensued. Spook did not want to leave, I had to push her. Heidi was okay with me petting her during that.

Watched streamers a lot. Nothing much on TV or Tivo.

Took an hour online and looked up my ballot. All the major candidates are no brainers. So are the handful of ballot measures. But there are about 45 elected minor level judge contests, I am not even going to bother. I don't think judge should be an elected position. Especially Nevada 8th Judicial District Court Family Division Departments A through Z.

Streamed for a hour, lots of participants.

Snacked a bit. Not feeling like dinner. Gonna take BP and Hgl readings, swallow meds and go to bed early. There may be ice cream.

Made the bed. Spook helped.

Plans for tomorrow:
Break down a few big boxes.
Garbage evening. Bulk garbage Monday so wheel to the curb tomorrow night
Must wear pants for that
The fridge and freezer need organizing

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