Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Got some exercise

The usual breakfast, around 9:30. Hgl was low so it started with a Klondike bar.

Too many Trump signs, but they also had signs for a couple of judges which I now know to vote against.

Not much on Twitch, nothing on Tivo, so I turned on Amazon Prime and watched the new animated Trek show,Lower Decks, 5 episodes in 2 sittings. Way too noisy. Female characters are way over the top frenetic and horny.

Ordered an Over The Air antenna, because I'm line of sight to the mountain with all the towers. I'm guessing I can get 4K HDTV over the air with a decent antenna. Scanned channels, no antenna = no signals at all.

Streamed for 90 minutes, lots of chatters the last hour.

SodaSense emailed that they will replace the lost order. I already ordered another pair. That's okay, considering how long refills take.

Found a gazillion flossers in the closet, saved me ordering any for the next year.

Kept Heidi's door open, visited her a few times. One time Spook was in Heidi's room, lying on the the fleece rug, staring across the room (4 feet) at Heidi, wagging her tail menacingly. Heidi growled and hissed when I went over to Spook.

Later there was a short fight. The door is now closed, lights are off, Heidi is back atop the tree instead of guarding the door from her metal cave.

Took the bulk garbage out. Spook was not happy that I chased her away from the door. One microwave, two microwave boxes, the nested too-big Amazon boxes the litter came in, and the cheese box.

Wheeled out the trash and recycleds.

Much snacking today. Two small cans of Pringles. Dark chocolate M&Ms. Cookies? Tried to eat some popcorn but decided I don't like it anymore. I hope that's temporary because I bought a ton of it online.

Frozen meal for lunch, thawed some shrimp and made a shrimp Louie for dinner.

Nevada Energy said don't charge the car till after 9 pm. I waited till almost 11

Plans for tomorrow:
Expecting some deliveries.
Bring in the bins
Unplug the car
Watch 90 Day Fiancé
Maybe shop for a big aloe plant. Or two. All my indoor plants are dead.

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