Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Windows 10 backup; Amazon Delivery Foo; Cats at close quarters; Garbage WIN

The usual breakfast, but early. 9-ish.
Snacking all day, no real meals. Finished the Murray's special cheese, it was meh. Does not store well. Breaks the crackers.

Too many peanut M&Ms. Ordered trail mix & mixed nuts.

Amazon said cat treats and Breathe-Right were at my front door, but they lied. USPS put them in the hot metal boxes 3 blocks away. Need to ask susandennis who to call at Amazon to not let them use USPS. I think she had some luck getting them to not use OnTrack. I can't find a phone number or email address.

Nothing else delivered - I have a whiteboard full of things, Target, Diabetic Whorehouse, Canvas Prints Co., Amazon, SodaSense.

Bulk garbage was picked up around 8 am as I was waking up.  Took in the bins around 4 pm, did not want to go out because of all the smoke - AQI was in the red. The  sun was red. The sky was pink. Lots of fires in SW CA. But I had to.

Watching a storm chaser go from NE to Denver because word was Denver was going to go from 100° to snowfall today.

Word lied. It got down to 70. It rained.

Now they say tomorrow 8 pm snow. I doubt it.

Spook has spent a lot of time today in Heidi's room, being passive aggressive. Tonight she even climbed the tree Heidi was on top of, but backed down on her own. Heidi hissed at her.

Spook just joined me, looking out the front windows from her new perch. I moved it there from the livingroom yesterday.

Nice view now that the sun screens are gone.

basfa zoom meeting was lightly attended but still ran more than an hour.

I streamed, but nobody showed up, so I cut it very short.

Backing up the PC with Windows 10 backup. It is taking a long time. Progress bar makes me think 2-3 days. Have to remember to not turn it off tonight.

90 Day Fiancé wrapped up a lot of things. Alexie came clean. He had no reason to hide the truth.

But not Angie's wedding. Michael wants a green card so bad. He will probably get 4 women pregnant before his visa is approved. His family will help him hide that from Angie.

Jess has dumped Coltee, and is now Larissa's best friend. All three of them are worthless, but Debbie is the worst.

Asuelu hardly used the translator at the therapist's. Translator is a total hottie. Therapist Gets It™. Hoping he encourages them to divorce and sends Ass-whale-oo back to Sa-Moa

Paul is going back to Brazil with Karine and Pierree. Who in south america names their kid Pierre?  It's a good move, they can live off her family. His mom kicked him out and won't support him.

I know too much about this series.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay home
Watch it snow (?) in CO
Get photos of the red sun (I missed it by 10 minutes tonight)
Look up another Trek animated show.

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