Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not much happened today except wind.

The usual breakfast at 11:30. Gave Heidi some treats. Spook was in Heidi's room at the foot of the tree and Heidi was up on top. Yesterday Spook climbed halfway up but decided not to try to attack from below. Today Heidi hissed a bit but Spook kept it down.

Lots of streamers, and lots of Tivo. 90 Day Fiance, Love Island x 2.
Below Deck Med continues  to be medical. One relationship is on the rocks, one is starting to heat up and one continues. Not enough face time with the guests. Too much crew drama.

Watched the first two episodes of Star Trek The Animated Series via Amazon Prime. The 2nd episode was specifically recommended, and it was okay. I don't like animations of live action shows, and this was no exception. But it posed some interesting "what I If went back in time and changed things?" ideas. I don't think they achieved their goal. And they pulled a few things out of their asses to get where they wanted to go. I think that will do it for me. Audio sucked. Video is 4:3. Shatner's voice sounds like an impressionist trying to do Shatner.

Gave Heidi her meds, but mostly got them on instead of in her. She licked them off and gave herself a thorough grooming. I closed the door and turned off the lights.

Dinner was croissant with that nice brie & bacon. Strawberries & cream. And then the last of the butter pecan ice cream.

Streamed for an hour, two chatters.

Spook came up to me earlier and jumped on the footrest to be brushed. A while later she actually jumped onto my lap and stayed for quite a while as I brushed and petted her. First time ever. Maybe she's jealous of Heidi? Anyhow I hope she does it regularly. She fits well.

Delivered was a jar of mixed nuts and a jar or trail mix. Did I mention  yesterday the Hgl meter test strips and lancet arrived in the post box? Along with the DVD for 42.

Temps did drop into the 80s. Winds in the 20Mph range, 40mph gusts cleared the air.And it did snow slightly in Denver.

Plans for tomorrows.

Nail appointment. Should do a pedicure too. Have to remember to call in the morning. May stop by the ATM

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