Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two days for the price of one

Wednesday there was a lot of stuff on Tivo, such as Love Island.
There was cat drama. Spook was in Heidi's room basically holding her hostage on the tree.

Got my nails done - pedicure by a lovely young woman in a lingerie top and twill pants who looked like a Pacific Islander. Then a manicure by her grandmother, a tiny Vietnamese woman. Yes. literally her grandmother. $52 for what would have cost $90 in the Bay Area, and maybe $70 elsewhere. I like this place, it's close to home and the BofA ATM.

Then on a whim a long drive to the Smith's with a Murray's Cheese department. It turned out to be a whole cheese shop inside the supermarket. Huge variety of cheeses and accessories, but no sheep milk cheeses except feta and hard cheeses. They had the cow's milk version of my favorite sheep milk cheese. Some other time. There's a Smith's in south Las Vegas Blvd which is a shorter drive though the same distance. Maybe another time.

Spook has been paying me more attention. She jumped onto my lap to be brushed & petted and fit quite well. It's only been 6 years. I'm sure Heidi has her re-thinking her Alpha Cat claims.

Thursday stayed in bed till noon. But I was making a pit stop at about 4 am, and Heidi was curled up on the new bath mat between the shower and the toilet. Spook was ready to ambush from under the bed so I carried Heidi to her room.

Housekeeping task completed - removed the remote switches the two bedroom lamps were plugged into and the LED bulbs, and replaced them with remote controlled bulbs. It took a while to re-program all the things in Samsung SmartThings Hub so it all worked again. Tested with Google Home and Alexa.

CVS sent a text that there was a prescription to pick up. So I drove there hoping to try the drive-thru, but the line was around the building so I parked and went inside. Took a while for anyone to notice me, as usual. Not the test strips, it was my blood thinner which I have most of the month's supply left.

Got email from Medicare, turns out my prescription service is the most expensive one. Can't change till mid-October. I'll be working with someone to get better coverage. And I need a more responsive doctor.

Lots of Tivo.

Great zoom meeting of RPCV singles, actually talked about dating sites and writing profiles. One of the women was writing things in Thai.

Nobody showed up for my stream, so after half an hour I went back to the Zoom meeting.

Love Island, TMZ. PTI, Ghosting and Catfish on Tivo.

Spook is keeping me company on her new perch in front of the windows.

The temperature dropped a lot. 56° this morning. High today was about 85.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe check out that other Smith's.

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