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Mister Eclectic

Looks like I missed yesterday.

Saturday was another boring day so I unboxed the gamer chair and assembled it. It was a lot of work. The very brief picture board instructions claimed there were about a dozen screws. In the box with the wheels, there was a small zip bag with an L-shaped hex and philips tool, two tiny screws, four plastic caps to hide screw tops and one large hex screw.


It showed arm rests and the up-down lever went under the seat, so I turned the seat upside down and there were all the screws already in there.l I had to take them all out to mount the hardware. All the screws needed were those big hex screws, and my electric screwdriver flat head fit them fine. The two small screws hold two covers in place - they are purely cosmetic. The big hex screw was a spare.

Lining up the hardware with the screw holes was not always easy, but the real hard part was mounting the seat and back onto the gas tube (up/down feature).

Once assembled, it turns out to be lower to the ground that the office chair, but it's pretty and I can get a pillow for it. The arm rests rotate too easily, so I can't use them to move the chair.

It's solid, nice to have a char which doesn't randomly shorten itself. Wish it went higher though.

90 Day Fiancé teaser. TMZ. Some college football.

As soon as I started streaming my sister called, we talked for 2 hours. I tried to stream after, but nobody showed up. Too pooped to journal. 
Sunday was mostly reserved for football. Watched the Raiders stumble by the Panthers at Carolina. Many bad ref calls against both sides, but more against Vegas.

Also watched some of LA Chargers at home against Dallas. Same story, but moreso. Both QBs were making way too many passes short of the line of scrimmage. There was a lot of solid tackling.

Only saw a smidge of Green Bay/Vikings. Totally missed the 49ers. I see they gave it away in the 4th quarter. Typical. Arizona won at SF. Allegedly it was on Fox, but not here apparently.

This morning Spook jumped on the bed and groomed herself when my alarm went off. And bailed as soon as I got up. She spent a lot of time fighting mirror cat. I refilled Heidi's food tower, and she yelled at me the whole time like I might be taking it away. Cats.

Streamed at 7:30, two regulars kept me talking. The streams go quickly when people join in.

8:30, pit stop, checked on Heidi. I took a set of steps and put them in front of her tree because I did not like how she had to jump about 3 feet from the bottom level. She sniffed around it and has completely avoided using it. Cats.

I needed bananas and frozen meals so off to Albertson's after checking they were open till 10. Got what I needed and was home by 9:30.

Took out the recycleds and garbage bins. Forgot to toss the dead plants. I can do that in the morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take more garbage/recycled out
Start the dryer
Unload the dishwasher
Monday night football
90 Day Fiancé
Love Island (?)

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