Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

CVS FAIL, BASFA WIN, Maybe I'll hang up the shirts and unbox the Eufy.

Last things first, once again I got to talking on my stream and lost track of time. The alarm stopped me. Stream was late, BASFA zoom meeting first. odd that there were no announcements but lots of reviews.

A quick check of the microchip registry showed the shelter sent the wrong chip number, so now Heidi is in under two numbers. The right number is on both her rabies and spay docs, I don't know where the adaption agency got theirs from.

Unloaded the dryer, but low Hgl and low BP made me crash before I could hang the shirts up.  Took a nap. Unloaded the dishwasher way later.

Tivo had a 2-hour Love Island. Too much needless drama. I have my finger on the mute button - cannot stand the whiney sing song narrator. Most of the narration is useless.

Masked singer copped out, had a preview show which I nuked.

90 Day Fiance had two weddings which nearly did not happen. And a boob and nose job which showed what a wimp the Brazilian gold digger is. And her boyfriend. Colt is still as fat and useless as ever. His new personal trainer wants him to get his own place. Colt thinks his mother needs him. Colt is an ass. Samoan mom and one sister are coming around, other sister needs to get slapped. Useless arsonist's mom kicked him to the curb and now is surprised he's taking his wife & kid back to Brazil. Wife's family will support them.

Went to CVS because my prescription xfer did not show up. Pharm tech says she just got it, come back in 15 minutes. 20 minutes later pickup tech says they are out of stock. This place sucks.

Email from recruiter who postponed a call twice wants to postpone again. No answer is also an answer.

Brought the garbage bins in early because temps are down. 90's.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up at 5 am for a 5:30 Bangkok play reading.
Then shower & back to bed.

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