Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

End of a long day

Doubled up on diuretic, lots of evening and early morning pit stops. Up at 4:30 am, showered and got dressed, fired up the PC for the Bangkok Community Theater weekly play reading. 7:30 pm their time us 5:30 am my time. Zoom meeting, about 16 people at its peak.

Almost, Maine is a collection of short plays by John Cariani spoofing romance in rural Maine. The woman to my left was amazing. The one on my right was in China, on an iffy conection. I just listened, it was fun. Not as much fun as in a theater, though. The hostess (top row center) sent me some photos of my 1975 Oliver production. I like this one from the curtain call:

I'm front row, second from the right. Continuing left is Nancy, Oliver, Dodger and Fagan. I thihnk the girl on my left is Charlotte.

Spook kept me company, guarding the bay widows.

The reading was over by about 7:30, I got undressed and went back to sleep for an hour.

I don't do mornings. It threw me off for the rerst of the day, pretty much.

Took it slowly. Watched a few storm chasers who did not really find the hurricane. TWC was its usual fear mongering self. Watched Love Island, TMZ, 90 Day talkback, Below Deck Med. Andy Cohen had two Below Deck cast members.

Fedex delivered two pairs of CO2 cartridges. just as my last one was running out.
The gaming chair is a FAIL, it is too low to the ground. I ordered a pair of pillows for it - I thought. Amazon says they are covers, I had to order inserts too. The covers were delivered to my far away mailbox.

CVS says my test strips are ready but not the Jardiance. Maybe tomorrow.

Heidi and Spook yelled at each other a lot today. Heidi finally came out of her room for a bit and explored my room and the bathroom.

Put the samsung robo vac in its box and set up the Eufy. Much easier to set up than the others. 

Streamed for almost an hour, nobody chatted. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch TWC and storm chasers
Depends on whether the pillow inserts arrive
And whether CVS finds my drugs

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