Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A day of many humps

Started off slowly, once again 8 am alarm did not fire. Reset it, we'll see if it happens tomorrow.

After breakfast, checked on Heidi and she followed me into my bedroom and explored the bathroom.  I was ready with the camera to get a video of her opening the bottom drawer, but she didn't. Until I left the room. Came back later and it was open.

There were some noises from Spook and hissing and growling from Heidi in both bedrooms.

Watched Love Island. The coupling ceremony got it right. The three real couples are glued together, two new couples seem to fit, and the remaining couple is the controlling, emo woman with the $20,000 boobs, perfect butt and tiny waist, together with a loser man from the second round who was just happy to not be single and kicked off the show. FFed past the competition where couples had to pass food mouth to mouth. Even without covid, that's a Bad Idea™.

Took a nap at ~ 3, Spook joined me.

Up at 6, channel surfed. TWC showed a lot of water in streets, but nowhere near the amount of destruction they predicted. Again. And Again. They spent some time on the western fires, but it was useless. They seriously need an LA studio. Their east coast fixation is annoying, and not helpful.

Took a trip to the mailbox and it was overstuffed. A too-large box from the US Mint for two small proof sets. A padded envelope from Amazon which should have come by courier, not PO. The useless weekly shopper newspaper. A thick envelope from the cat adoption agency with Heidi's tags and HomeAgain transfer. Checked online again, the adoption place put the wrong info & photo, but the right chip #. I had all the right info but typoed the chip #. They won't let me fix that online, have to phone them tomorrow.

Called the plumber company which installed the sink, asked for a copy of the invoice. They transferred me to voicemail of who they said was their accounting person, I left a detailed message but nothing.

Called the body shop again. got a call back from my rep just before 5 saying they are working on finding my license plate, he'll check back Friday.

Streamed, had a couple of chatters, one new one from Mississippi.

I ran the Eufy. It got caught on a cat toy on a string almost immediately. Got stuck on a floor fan in the bedroom. Twice. Had to cut fibers off the brush, but at least it has a brush roller. The "don't go there" strip protected Spook's kibble.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO, mail quarters to sister
Maybe mail the two soda sense cartridges.
Maybe go for a drive

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