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8 am call from plumber's accountant claiming that my voicemail spelled my email address too quickly. BS. I spelled it twice, slowly. No email from him so I guess he misheard it again the three times I gave it to him. Later left a note on their web site.

CVS still doesn't have my Jardiance.

Not much on Twitch.

Slipped one set of quarters in a padded envelope, labeled and stamped it to go to little sister.

Heidi poops and pees a lot more than Spook. Changed her litter cartridge.

Little known fact, in NV sharps in a container can be thrown in the trash. In CA they need to go to a secure box usually at a clinic.

I kept Heidi's door closed today. Spook is restless.

No RPCV Zoom for me today, watched Thursday Night Football instead. Very pleasantly surprised that Cox had a $10/mo special for all the sports channels and it was instantly added to my account.

I start the playback on Tivo half an hour into the actual game, and at the end of each play hit the 30-sec skip button. That skips most of the annoying commentary right to the start of the next play. Major FF through commercial breaks and halftime. Cleveland was by far the better team. They crushed Bengals' Barrow often. 35-30 score was closer than the game. 6,000 fans in the stands, but the fake crowd noise made it seem like a full stadium.

Frozen meal for lunch, croissant with sheep milk cheese and a side of bacon for dinner.

Called HomeAgain, the rep understood the issue about 90%, that I left out a digit on Heidi's chip number, and the adoption agency got it right but put the wrong photo and vitals in. He said 3-5 days to see it fixed. Their phone tree is insane, it took 3 calls to get the right number.

Love Island and TMZ.

I took a break from football to stream. Good conversation with a regular.

Nova had a fascinating show on research showing slime mold is intelligent. I'm not sure if having an appetite shows intelligence.

Plans for tomorrow:

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