Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Friday in a nutshell

Up with the 8 am alarm (this time it worked). Showered and dressed, looked for but did not see Spook. Not under the bed. Visited Heidi, Spook was halfway up her cat tree wagging her tail, Heidi was across the room in her "safe" space under the piano keyboard. No rude noises so I left to take drugs.

While it was still < 100° put on Tevas and took packages out to the car, dropped them at the PO and then on the way back Albertson's & bought bananas and melons and cookies.

Parked in the CVS lot, checked my app, but no, the Jardiance wasn't ready to pick up so I went home.

Plumbers sent me a line item version of the unreadable/useless invoice. The disposal is a bottom of the line Moen. I was charged $500 for a $99 toilet. Plus labor.

Not much on Twitch, lots on Tivo. Lost Resort continues to get more and more ridiculous and amateur. I cannot believe how many tattoos some of the Love Island guys have. Caleb has a tasteful one on his arm in Hebrew - his name. Which also translates as "dog".

Tried to nap, DJ truck parked in front of my house blasting overmodulated bass for 15 minutes. Spook came running to me in panic.

Streamed for an hour.

Massive FB posts crying about RBG's death. As if she was not 87 with 14 kinds of cancer. Sad that Bozo will get to name her replacement but once appointed they often surprise us.

Dinner was salad, then smoked turkey leg which had too many bones and not enough meat.

HomeAgain page for Heidi is now correct. But just in case I ordered a chip scanner.

Also ordered an updated version of my tablet, it's been wonky lately.

Plans for tomorrow:
Talk like a pirate
CVS texted that the drug is ready
Scan Heidi's chip

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