Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Drugs, football, cats

Once again out of the house before breakfast, picked up 2 prescriptions at CVS. Then home. Air quality was poor.

FB was all RBG, lots of moaning that the senate will fill that seat in the next 30 seconds. 

Delivered to my porch was a set of 5 reading glasses.

Delivered to the storage locker was the microchip reader. It was in a box 18" long, and maybe 4" x4". The actual meter only needed a padded envelope. The box it was in is 6x2x2.

The plan was to scan Heidi, but she was on the top tier of her tree and I can't reach that high. She stayed there all afternoon and was actively avoiding the scanner. Finally she came to ground, and I managed to get the scanner close enough. The number matches what is on all her paperwork and online. Yay.

Opened her door because she was clawing at it. Spook showed up making noises that sounded to me like crying. Heidi went all defensive, as usual, and growled and hissed. I still think Spook was trying to play. But Heidi is back in her room and I'll keep the door closed from now on. Give it a week.

I was going to take Spook's old too-small bed and put it in Heidi's room because Spook has not used it in a couple of weeks, but when I picked it up it was soaked in pee. As was the mat under it. Both of those have been laundered now. I should also launder the big cat bed which she peed on. It's getting some Vitamin D out on the porch.

Pulled Spook's records from the file cabinet. Her rabies shot is njot due for another month.
Frozen meal for lunch. Chopped up the 2nd smoked turkey leg for dinner and added the pieces to a bowl of cream of mushroom soup,  but the turkey was mostly gristle. Made the soup taste good though. No more smoked turkey legs for me from Albertson's.

Watched some college football but missed the Clemson game.

Streamed about my college protest adventures.

Spook was under my bed all day, I was worried she might be hurt, so I finally used a flag pole to nudge her out. She was not happy about that. But she seems unhurt.

Plans for tomorrow:
New tablet should arrive. Transfer stuff from the current (2017) one.
Maybe go to Target for pillows for the gamer chair. Online search fails for 14".
Bulk garbage to the curb, garbage and recycles too in evening
Lots of NFL football
2-hour Love Island.

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