Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

So much bad football. Tablet FAIL

Bad air morning so no Target shopping. But there was football all day. Somehow I don't get 49ers games here. No idea why. So I watched Atlanta give away a game to Dallas in the last seconds by an incredibly stupid on-side kick mistake. Half the team just stood and watched a slow moving spinning ball which they should have jumped on before it went 10 yards. instead, they waited till it went 10 yards and Dallas fell on it. And then scored.

Seattle almost did the same thing with New England in the night game, but managed to stop them at the 1 yard line.

The Steelers played a craptastic game but still won.

And there were lots of games I don't get here.

Frozen meal for lunch, hot dogs for dinner.

Visited Heidi a few times, she makes moves to want out, but when I open the door she doesn't go. Spook is usually nearby. So I'm keeping the door closed. Built Heidi a FB page but can't find it from mine.

Delivered was the 2019 version tablet. It's a FAIL. Instead of the modern, impossible to plug in backwards USB C connector it has a trapezoidal mini connector, which is a PIA to plug in. It also meant I had to go wi-fi to transfer from the 2017 tablet, because they don't use the same kind of cable.

It did an okay job of transferring, my desktop looks almost the same. It did mess up the webcam app. It only gave me the meow cam not the hall cam. Easy to fix manually but I'd backed up those settings. No idea what happened to them.

Also delivered was my new cash reward BofA card, which will replace the useless Travel Rewards card which only rewards for hotels, car rentals and air travel. I set the new card to reward online shopping. And used it to order a pair of floor fans which are supposedly quiet (and still voice controllable). And a fancy wi-fi enabled thermostat. 10 am one of the companies left voicemail which Home Adviser found to install that. I left a note on their FB messages that I'll let them know when the unit arrives. Their web site contact page is broken.

Streamed. Good conversations.

Listening to Sirius XM's Broadway channel. They keep playing pop numbers from biopics and bioshows about pop singers. Highly annoying. Those are not show tunes. And there is far too much Streisand.

Hauled the huge boxes from the chair and vacuum out to the curb. Garbage & recycle bins too.  It is cooler tonight. 80's.

Plans for tomorrow:
10% chance of rain
MNF is the first NFL game in Las Vegas

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