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The usual breakfast, Hgl was way high. Probably because at 3 am I was in front of the TV with chocolate milk watching 90 Day Fiance.

They wrapped up a lot of things by FF 3 months past quarantines. Kalani's marriage went from solid to trash. Syngin got on the plane with his wife to return to frigid CT. Andrei didn't punch out Charlie. Colt is still a castrati with a mother who thinks he's her baby. And she's a pedophile. Angela got to say goodbye to her mom before she (Mom)  died. Michael is stuck in Nigeria because the US embassy has shut down the visa office because of the plague. He can't even get a tourist visa. Eric loves Larissa's oversized breasts almost as much as she does. But he should have hired a nurse.

Woken up at 6 am by a spam call which I didn't answer. 7 am the thermostat installer woke me again, he'll call Wednesday to find out of the thermostat is going to arrive i time to schedule a Friday installation. It has not shipped yet. The quiet fans have.

BB&B instead of Target, found the right chair pillow quickly. Bought 2 because one is just 14" square and the chair seat is 14x18.

Home, Heidi was yelling to get out, so I let her go into my room. Spook was not far behind. I stayed long enough to see Heidi was not going to be hurt, and then went to watch storm chasers on Twitch and then MNF on Tivo. After a while the artifacts were too bad to watch the game on the recording so I changed to the live broadcast. It also had artifacts but not as many. Which is when I remembered that anything watched on Tivo gets cached on its hard drive. So I need to look into replacing that. I have a link somewhere.

CVS says a prescription I don't really need yet is ready to pick up. Maybe tomorrow.

Raiders won their first home game. Defense was sloppy, and play calling was downright stupid. Fortunately the Saints went to sleep in the 4th quarter. MNF announcers are especially annoying so I kept the sound muted. So I don't know how well they did the fake crowd noise. Seahawks last night did that well.

The game was over at 8:25, so I joined the BASFA zoom meeting, but they were wrapping up. I tried staying late for the hangout, but one guy with ADHD wouldn't shut up so I left.

Streamed for an hour, had a few listeners.

Bulk garbage was collected early, regular & recycled was late.

Lots of clouds in the sky, high winds, but the rain missed us by a couple of miles. :-(

Ordered canvas photos from CVS. The place I ordered from 2 months ago still has not printed them.

Heidi ended up curled up in the corner of the bathroom, long after Spook moved to the front room. I had to push her out to her room.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe CVS
Maybe find a more comfortable office chair
I should probably arrange to get the screen doors replaced. Home Depot? Home Advisor?

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