Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Logged on to do LJ then forgot

Even with the pillow the gamer chair is too low. :-( 

Spook was in bed with me a couple of times last night.

Had a 1:30 am viewing of 90 Day.

After breakfast & FB, news sites, drove to Target for laundry stuff. They had a few SodaStream syrups but not ones I wanted. Like 6 or 7 containers. All out of Lysol spray. Got some fabric softener and a spray bottle to de-static Heidi's room. Bought a Swiffer to replace my broken one. CVS on the way home to pick up a prescription.

BofA had locked my online access, no idea why. Quicken was asking it to add a new credit card. I had to change my passcode. I hate that. Got the card activated and into Quicken and set as my Amazon default card because it is a cash rewards for online purchases card.

Ordered online what was not on the shelves at Target/CVS.

Paid $27 (donation) to watch a reading of The Princess Bride, featuring almost all the still-living original cast members, director and Whoopie Goldberg plus 98-year-old Norman Lear. It was long, but worth it, and the even longer Q&A at the end was worth full price. Benefit for Wisconsin Democrats, lots of highly political anti-Trump rhetoric during the Q&A.

Made a mix of Downy & water in the spray bottle and sprayed the carpet in Heidi's room. It smells great in there now. Heidi came down from her tree and tried it out, stepping gingerly and favoring her hurt paw a little. The wetness took her by surprise and she did not like it. I'll check it out tomorrow, see if she still gets a shock when I touch her.

Ordered Thai and KFC from GrubHub for 6 pm delivery. Had to do separate orders, they won't let you combine restaurants.  Thai arrived 5 minutes early, left it on the porch, rang the bell and sent a text. KFC messaged they would be 45 minutes late, but showed up on time, left it on the carport steps, did not ring the bell or text me. Also snuck in without using the gate code.

Watched 2 episodes of Love Island. The overly aggressive guy with way too many poorly drawn tattoos was sent home, as was the guy whose partner was sent home earlier when she dumped him for another over-tattooed bozo, who was sent home as well.

Tivo is still artifacting, ordered a 3TB drive for it, which all the experts say will solve the problem. As will rebooting the machine.

TMZ and PTI watched as well. Below Deck is still to be seen.
Streamed at 7:30, good conversations and lurkers came out to play.

Dinner was half of the seafood fried rice, Thai iced tea and mango with sticky rice.

Plans for tomorrow:
Tivo viewing.
KFC? The rest of the Thai food?

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