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Was shopping on the table in bed till noon. Called at 10 for a 1 pm nails appointment, had enough time to do my morning routine have a banana (did not finish the egg) and got there at 12:55. Nails done by Amy, who was very good, and one of the younger staff. She was wearing a cute T-shirt from Japan with what looked like a cartoon bear with a stack of pancakes. I should have written down the name, it ended in Kuma, which I understand is Bear in Japanese. Found it: Rilakkuma, (lazy bear) by http://www.san-x.co.jp/. I don't see the same shirt on their pages but it's the same bear.

Got cobalt blue color. Very intense.

Home, KFC for a late lunch. The rest of the fried rice & mango/sticky rice & Thai tea for dinner. Plus some corn from KFC.

Love Island was messed up. The stripper contest was a sham, only the men stripped. They added two women who have zero to no chance. I hope.

PTI devoted an appropriate amount of time to Gayle Sayers but late in the show. IMHO he was more important than NBA games.

Delivered to the mailbox was a set of 3 anatomically correct underpants. And a lot of spam.

Signed up to interview for a coding dojo. It looks expensive, but I'll see how hard sell they are. I can't see spending 18 weeks to learn to code.

Heidi rejected Spook's friend request. I hope she sees Spook's just trying to play. She has become braver.

Meanwhile her water fountain pump died. Poor design of the fountain. Ordered two large capacity ones to replace hers and Spook's.

Moved the gamer chair to her room, it's a good height for the piano. Ordered a taller chair for the office.

Catfish was intricate. Bottom line is a man was pretending to be a woman and scammed this guy for $500. He admitted it. I'm disappointed that the crew doesn't report the fraud. This scammer should be in jail.

Streamed for an hour, lots of chat. It went quickly.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try on new underpants
2 pm coding dojo interview
RPCV Zoom (?)
If thermostat is delivered make an installation appointment
Lots of Tivo

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