Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

An embarassment of gasses

Delivered this morning by Fedex were two boxes of two SodaSense CO2 cartridges. I already had one in the machine and one in the last box, so now I have 6. I only really need 4 on hand. When one is used up, another replaces it. When that one is used up those two go into the box and are shipped back for exchange, I open another box and one cartridge goes in the machine. Typically before both of those are used up SodaSense has sent two more.

Wile I was watching the game and having dinner, the doorbell rings. I finish what I'm chewing, pause Tivo and look out the front door. There's another SodaSense box, and in the street beating a hasty retreat is a neighbor from several houses down telling me Fedex delivered that to her by mistake a few days ago, she is just now getting around to returning it.

So now I have 8.

The next 4 I send back I'll ask for a credit instead of an exchange.

Also delivered was the thermostat and a bottle of B complex vitamins.

Last night Heidi was running around my bedroom. She was curled up in the bathroom between the toilet and the shower. Her safe spot. Spook was under the bed lying in wait. This happened three times today. Each time I carried her back to her room, because there is no food or water in the bedroom or bathroom, and she is allergic to the rest of the house (Spook's food & water & litter box).

When I visit her in her room, she'll play with a couple of toys I throw around. The cloth pretzel is a favorite but she can't hold onto it.

TNF was a miserable game, I pause it to stream. But I didn't attend the RPCV zoom meeting.

Dinner was a salad, then KFC with Mac & Cheese. Their Mac & Cheese is gruesome. Next time I'll get more cole slaw.

Watched TMZ, PTI, Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice.   Those last two were stolen from Korean and Thai versions. The voters sent Busta Rymes home in the Masked Singer, because he can't sing. I hope they keep sending rappers home. Last year they kept rewarding this one rapper because he had great dance moves, but he couldn't sing. Pissed me off. It's a singing contest. I Can See Your Voice did some improvements on the Thai version. All the contestants were dressed in costumes representing what they did IRL when not singing. One of the better singers was a female rock climber (former cruise ship entertainer).  Math girl couldn't sing at all but could recite Pi to several dozen places. Golfer accompanied himself on a baby grand and sang gloriously. His outfit was a more like casual Friday. The show also added $$ to the mix. A randomly chosen (I think) audience member won $10k for each bad singer she identified, but for the final singer she had to decide to take the $30k she had earned and walk, or bet that the final singer was good,and if he was, earn $100k. If he was bad, she loses it all.  She chose to stay, the final singer was terrific, and she won. The famous panelists were not much help. 

Ordered a charging stand for the Samsung. Verizon gave me a pad, but those are useless.

Spent a lot of time making the Samsung look & feel like the pixel.

Moved the gaming chair to Heidi's room and played piano a while from it. Heidi likes it, Spook doesn't.

Plans for tomorrow:
Thermostat install 10 am - noon window
Set up new water fountains for both cats (due by 9 pm)
Order a gel protector for the Samsung
Quick trip for milk?

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