Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Thermostat FAIL. Water fountain WIN. HDD and fans TBA

Breakfast, then 10 am technician showed up to install the new thermostat. About noon she was calling for support, there were some wiring issues. The old box had batteries but the new one needed a wire which was not available. She figured that out but then the new box kept rebooting itself. More tech support - it's a defective thermostat. So I'll send it back and get a replacement.

She put the old box back, but it didn't work. Something about the furnace wiring. Called for another tech to help, it's now 3:30 pm and 106° outside and no air conditioning since 10 am. 2nd tech discovers a wiring problem under the house, blue wire was spliced to a white wire, so the connections from the thermostat to the furnace were borked. He fixed that and by 5 pm we had a working system again. It took a while for the air con to bring the indoor temp down from 96°.

Meanwhile delivered was the HDD for the Tivo, two 1-gallon pet water fountains and a pair of wi-fi "silent" floor fans to replace the noisy ones.

Somewhere around 4 pm I set up one of the water fountain in Heidi's room, tossed the broken one. After the techs had gone I set up one for Spook to replace the too-small one. They have clear 1/2-gallon removable tanks, it's easy to see when they need refilling and easy to refill. Happy dance. Heidi did not use hers yet. Spook has used hers twice.

No real lunch, I nabbed a couple of Klondike bars around 4 pm. Dinner was KFC - FAIL because I ordered dark meat and there were two breasts in there. Gag.

Spent most of the day online. One of the people I follow was wearing a MAGA hat so is no longer followed. No storms to chase, all the chasers were playing video games. One is called About Us and looks lame.

Watched TMZ twice, PTI, Love Island pissed me off -they cut out the most romantic happening of the season at the end of the previous episode but skipped past it this episode. Grrr. Ended the ep with the final coupling, it looked like it went well but my favorite gold digger was sent home in favor of some ugly new chick. Girl has the face of an anorexic parrot.

But we do have two solid couples who will probably continue after the show is over. And a slight chance of the third, but I kinda think not.

Lost Resort had their final episode, and absolutely no one needed this phony baloney retreat to work out their issues. If they have a season 2 it will be without me.

Streamed but nobody showed up to chat

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off thermostat at UPS
Albertson's surgical strike shopping
Maybe I'll remember to do Starbucks drive-thru
Set up the fans
Maybe install the tivo HDD. Maybe.

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