Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not so busy day plus Chinese food

Got out of bed at about 11, but was up for pit stops at 6:30 and 7:30. Heidi was shower cat when I was brushing my teeth, and was grooming herself in there when I slid the doors halfway to turn on the shower. When I do that with Spook in there she bolts. Heidi stayed. When the water hit her she was out like a shot.

A couple of times when I checked on her she was on the cat tree, and Spook was in the room relaxing on the fleece blanket by the door. As long as Spook stays at a distance, Heidi allows it, no rude noises. If Spook approaches, hissing and growling ensues. But Spook has to get very close for that to happen now.

The Tivo is working well, I've got all of the unwanted channels off the list, and need to check some of the SD channels for old TV shows. I think I have all the shows scheduled to record that I want. Had to use the voice feature to find some of them. Torture tested by channel surfing and pausing live TV. No  issues there.

Watched the Raiders lose. Caught the end of the Bills' win. Had Green Bay vs Nola in the background, Brees lost. Seahawks was not broadcast here but highlights showed they won.

Delivered was the replacement thermostat. I tried to call the installers but no answer.

Also delivered were a set of 3 moth traps which I set up and hung in the bathroom and front room.

Lunch was a croissant with the last of the Murray's cheese. I shouldn't have left it in the fridge so long.

My beard is getting long. So is the hair on my neck. Woke up soaked - just my head.

Ordered a lot of Chinese food for 6 pm delivery. He was early, and the gate did not open for him so he phoned me, I had to have him hang up so he could try again. When he arrived he blew it two ways - he came from the wrong direction so he did not read my instructions and got lost. He also kept ringing the bell, instead of leaving the stuff on the porch (contactless delivery). And he ran away as soon as he handed me the food, probably because he knew he had spilled the iced tea. It was dripping through the bag it was in.

But most of it made it and it was better than the Thai place's tea. China A Go Go has a lot of Thai food on the menu. But except for the tea I ordered all Chinese. Egg rolls were appetizers, Honey walnut prawns for dinner and maybe a snack tomorrow. Beef chow fun - two meals' worth. Wor won ton soup. Shrimp in lobster sauce looked more like soup. Rice and chow mien. All together about a week's worth of meals.

Ran the dishwasher - this time I remembered to load the mandolin.

I'm not sure if there is anything new on Tivo tonight. 90 Day was supposed to take a break until October.

I ordered 4 types of undies. Amazon search was whacked, it was not finding me the same brand I was typing in. Finally managed to find three of the same brand and style in different colors, allegedly in my size. Took half an hour and a lot of searching.

Streamed for the usual suspects.

Took out the garbage bins.

Plans for tomorrow:
RMA the unopened fan. Look for a replacement. Does Dyson have voice control?
Call to schedule thermostat install #2

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