Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Thermostat WIN, Heidi WTF, Ravens get their butts kicked

Phone rang at 8, Fast Response saw I had called. I told them the replacement thermostat was here, asked when Shelly could come out. They made an appointment for 2-5 pm window.

Wor won ton soup for lunch, it was okay but few won tons and the chicken and pork pieces were too big. Sloppy. Tasted great though.

Noon-ish, Fast Response called again, would it be okay if Shelly arrived in an hour? Sure.

She did, at the back door this time (garbage bins were in the way of her parking by the front, I guess).

She removed the old thermostat, had the new one in place in less than an hour. It worked fine. So I guess the first one really was defective. But I still have a tiny bit of doubt since she didn't try to re-install it after they fixed the problem which prevented the old one from working when it was put back in place. But who cares, since I have a working unit and it didn't cost anything extra.

I set up the wi-fi connection, installed the Honeywell app on my phone, registered the unit,  added it to Smart Things Hub and then Alexa and Google Home so it responds to a small set of voice commands. I also set it up to always be at 80° for cooling and I think 68 for heating. It will choose those automagically. Hoping this also reduces my electric and gas bills.

Delivered to the porch was 7lbs of Purina One kibble. Heidi scarfs that stuff up more than Spook does, but Spook gets treats as if they were kibble. Both of them are using the new water fountains.

I need to get around to selling the Pixel one, and the pixel phones, come to think of it.

Took my tablet into Heidi's room and read a couple of chapters in the Kindle app. She jumped on my lap for a couple of seconds, but when Spook arrived she jumped onto the tree but she didn't make rude noises much.

Watched the Chiefs-Ravens game while finishing off the honey walnut prawns. Ravens' QB tried to do it all and they got their butts kicked.  Paused it at the 4th quarter to join the BASFA Zoom meeting, which was relatively short.

Streamed for an hour, 3 chatters. Kept going off on tangents.

Resumed the ball game. Watched the 2nd 90 Day Tell-all, it was a mess. Whoever was arranging the windows on the screen did not know what she was doing. Very difficult to follow. And the MC Shaun was abysmal. Or maybe it was the writers. I think there's one more session to go.

Brought in the bins and drove to the mailboxes. Delivered at the mailbox was a set of 3 reading glasses good for the computer, so I was able to throw away the scuffed one. Also in the mailbox was the Samsung wireless charging stand, it uses a C connector, so I was able to install one of my long cables. But it did not like the older USB power block, just the one which came with it.

Heidi yelled to be let out, and she went almost straight into the bathroom, her far safe corner. It's not a place I want her in, so I picked her up and held her, eventually putting her on the bed and pet her while Spook stared at her from the door jamb. Heidi calmed down a lot with me petting her, Spook eventually crawled under the bed. After I set up the phone charger I left them - Heidi was in the corner by the night stand after mountain goating it across the night stand and down to the floor.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe find a BofA to get some cash & $5 bills for tips. $2 bills would be good too.
Maybe cut my hair
The final tell-all
The final (?) Below Deck Med


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