Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of Tivo, not much else. Heidi keeps showing up in the bathroom

Breakfast at about 10, Chow mein for lunch but not much of it. Spook kept wanting to be brushed but wouldn't come up on my lap or the foot rest.
Spook spent a lot of time on the fleece blanket just inside the door of Heidi's room, while Heidi was on her tree.
But about three times I was surprised to find Heidi in the corner of the bathroom. When I come in she positions herself to be petted, and lately she gets way up on her hind legs and scratches at the closet door - to be let in I suppose. There's a lot of TP and paper towels in there so no. When I flush the toilet she zips out to the corner of the bedroom where the electrical octopus is. Not a good safe spot, but she backs away when I go to pick her up. I eventually win, and she's okay being on the bed until Spook shows up.

Lots of BS about taxes and debates on so-called media. One bozo spent hours typing out all the questions the court nominee should be asked about whether she thinks white house staff violated the Hatch Act, but of course nominees do not talk about hypotheticals and their job is not to speculate on who may have broken the law. That's the DA's job. Amy is highly qualified, she will breeze through the nomination process. There is no way to predict what she will do on the court - it's a lifetime position, once on the court judges often change their positions because they are no longer beholden to politicians or the electorate.

On Tivo we had three views of the same 90 Day Fiance episodes. B90 talkback, Tell-all and pillow talk. I've set up recordings for all the upcoming variations.

Below Deck Med was medical again - on of the guests was treated for jellyfish stings on her arm. The episode was followed by Andy talking to the captain and boson. Boson is super cute, and is now single. He BF cheated on her while he was on a different boat. Sandy made up some BS about only the chef being certified to handle food, but I bet (a) he isn't for Malta and (b) stewardesses probably have food service experience.

Just from boredom there are Match Game and Hot Bench episodes for later.

More fires in Wine Country. Sheesh. There are no hurricanes so the weather channel is mentioning the fires. But their coverage is minimal. East coast mentality.

No deliveries, nothing on USPS for now.

Took a nap fort an hour 5 pm or so.

The thermostat is working like a champ, but it thinks the house is warmer than the old one did. And it has cooled off outside - barely 100° peak, 70's overnight lows.

Half of the beef chow fun for dinner. They used Pot Thai noodles instead of wide chow fun noodles. China a go go is so fired.

Streamed for an hour, three chatters.

Vegas Penguin is full time long distance trucking in the central time zone. He streams for 9 hours or more, but chat participation has fallen way off. Roadside assistance is much more watchable.

I signed into snapchat and added a couple of strippers to my friends' list.  That was after I saw a lot of OK Cupid email in my spam folder, and re-instated that service.

Plans for tomorrow:

Quality time with the cats
Whatever dregs are on Tivo
Send some messages on OKCupid - free accounts can't see "likes". Liked several local women. Passed up any Christians, Catholics, smokers and trumpers.

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